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Another week, another batch of #LIL pictures. I'm trying to keep our lovely search bot/librarian, Lily, busy.


#LIL is the project begun this summer by LMAC founder and leader, @shaka. Shaka discovered a coding master in our LMAC community, @quantumg. We have now a website and a growing gallery of pictures. Every picture in the gallery was contributed by a member of the Hive community. Every picture is free for all members of the Hive community to use.

Please, take a look. you can collect your own pictures and contribute them to #LIL. Procedures are outlined in this blog by @shaka. All pictures must be your own and they must be given without restriction--no copyright or credit attached. If you contribute pictures, the LMAC community will reward you with upvotes. The better the pictures,the more substantial the upvote.

As much as we want your pictures in LMAC, we would really love it if you joined in our weekly contest. We have a lot of fun and award many prizes. Check out the current week's prompt, with rules here.

The pictures I offer in my blog today are mostly cutouts. It's hard to extract these images from the background and not always successful. Take, for example, the goat pictured below. She's pretty, but that cutout doesn't make the grade, yet. In a future post, maybe.

goat5 small.png

I hope you're getting the impression that a lot goes on in the LMAC community. We are dynamic, friendly, creative, welcoming. Join us. You will have a lot of fun and network with interesting people.

Another word about the images I'm posting this week: Sometimes people notice I'm taking pictures. That's how I met the gentlemen featured in the third picture in my blog. He was patrolling, I guess, and saw me snapping everything in sight. He offered suggestions and then offered to pose. I have several shots of this amiable man and in future blogs you will see more of him.

Thank you for reading my blog. Hive on!

lmac graphic3.jpg

Butterfly House Butterfly House, Miniature House, House for Monarch Butterflies
Station Clock Clock, Antique Clock, Station Clock
Uniformed Officer Police Officer, Safety Officer, Uniformed Officer, Man
Apartment Building Apartment Buildimg, Apartment Building With Balconies
Colorfully Painted Bench Bench, Hippie Bench Design, Artistic Bench
Bird House Bird House, Red Bird House, Miniature House
Construction Vehicle Construction Vehicle, Wheeled Excavator, Excavation Equipment
Ghoul Skeleton Monster, Halloween, Ghoul Skeleton, Pumpkin Head
Vintage Movie Marquis Movie Marquis, Vintage Movie Marquis
Monsters and Ghouls Ghoul, Gravedigger, Halloween, Skull, Monster
Public Bus Bus, Public Bus, Transportation
Trash Pail Garbage Pail, Trash Pail, Marred Trash Pail
Scary Skull> Ghoul, Halloween, Caped Skull, Monster
Monster Snake and Jack O'Lantern Monster Snake, Halloween, Jack O'Lantern, Pumpkin
Stream in the Woods Stream, Log, Woods
Truck Transportation, Truck, White Truck
Post Office Building, Post Office, Portico, Classic Building, Official Building
Waiting Room Sign Sign, Waiting Room Sign
Sign From the Grave Graveyard Sign, Halloween, Spooky Sign
Gas Station Sign Sign, Price Sign
No Vaping, No Smoking Sign Sign, No Smoking, No Vaping
Butterfly Way Station Sign Ecology Sign, Butterfly Way Sation Sign
Ticket Vending Sign Sign, Ticket Vending Sign, Train Station Sign
For Rent Sign For Rent, Vacancy, Sign
Road Hazard Sign Traffic Sign, Road Hazard Sign, Slippery When Wet
Coffee Shop Sign Sign, Coffee, Open Sign, Coffee Shop Sign
Curbside Pickup Sign Retail Sign, Store Sign, Curbside Pickup Sign
Emergency Sign Emergency Sign, Firehouse Sign, Traffic Sign
Traffic Signal Road Sign, Traffic Signal, Firehouse Sign
Sign: Do Not Go Beyond This Point Sign, Pedestrian Sign, Pedestrian Direction

Well, that's what I really like to call a very generous contribution. As a future user of your images, I want to thank you for all the work you've done. It must have taken hours to cut them all out.
You must have a sore trigger finger, I guess. xD

The photo of the policeman is so funny. :-D

Thank you my friend, @quantumg. Not my finger, my back :)) I included the Halloween pictures because even though that holiday has passed, there will be next year! We seemed to have a paucity of Halloween images appearing in the collages so I will try to pump that up slowly over the next few months. Got a picture of a bat (figure) yesterday and one of a witch today. Hanging from trees!!

Thank you for your kind words. Trying to find images we don't have already. Hope you've had a great Feierabend :)

Quite an assortment of beautiful pictures. Thanks for your contributions. LMAC is lucky to have you.

Thank you, @pokerm. You are so very gracious to me, always. It is much appreciated.

This is an extraordinary contribution. I must thank you in advance for taking the task of extracting the image from the background.

I appreciate you comment very much. As weeks go by and I understand the utility of the images, extracting them seems to be the only way to go. Easier for the collagists. However, you're correct. It takes a lot time and effort:)

Thank you for stopping by and for your support.

A task of great subtlety and time, and I certify it; the images without background are very useful to use in collages.

Simply perfect!
With this, I can work. 😎