#LIL: Pictures From Ordinary Places for the LMAC Image Library

Lily, the LMAC search bot/librarian, has been working 24/7 to keep up with the additions to our image library. She also scurries about and finds images for Hiveans who want to borrow community-generated pictures. Surely, every reader of my blog has met Lily.


If you have not met Lily, go to her dedicated website and say, "Hello". Put her to work. Ask her to find an image. Can't find it in our gallery? Well, maybe you can contribute to the gallery and make it a richer resource. Everyone who contributes gets rewarded. The better the pictures, the better the rewards.

@shaka, LMAC's founder and leader, explains procedures for LIL contributions in this blog. LIL images are all copyright free. They are available to everyone on Hive. This image resource has been created by the Hive community, for the Hive community.

My pictures today feature many street signs. It's rather disappointing that most of the signs tell us what we can't do. Next week I'll try to find signs that tell us what we may do. I also have images captured from a walk about a local community. One image, Geometric Surrealism, was the combined result of a sidewalk pattern I captured with my camera and a tree I had drawn long ago.

I hope these images find their way into collages and blogs of creators on Hive. Thanks for reading my blog. Hive on!

lmac graphic3.jpg

Geometric Surrealism Art, Surreal Tree, Geometric Design
Brick Pedestal Brick, Brick Pedestal
Door Door, Arch
Window Window
Brick Baluster Brick Post, Brick Baluster
Window With Balcony Window, Balcony, Wrought Iron Balcony
Skeletal Shrub Bare Branches, Barren Shrub, Winter Shrub
Pond Pond, Lake, Fall Scene
Traffic Drum Traffic Drum, Construction Barrier, Barrel
Parking Rollover Barrier Parking Stop, Rollover Barrier, Parking Barrier
Church Rectory Building, Church Rectory, Brick Building
Firehouse Firehouse, Fire Truck
Bench Bench With Wooden Slats
Public Mailbox Mailbox, Mail
Metal Bench Bench, Metal Bench
Shopping Cart Cart, Shopping, Hand Cart
Pipe Pipe, Metal Pipe
Private Mailbox Mailbox, Private Mailbox
Church Church, Brick Building
Stained Glass Window Arch, Church, Stained Glass Window, Brick Wall
Stop Sign Traffic Sign, Stop Sign
Turtle Crossing Sign Sign, Turtle Crossing Sign
Traffic Signs Traffic Signs, No Stopping Sign, No Right Turn Sign
Staircase Sign Sign, Staircase Sign
Pedestrian Crossing Sign Sign, Street Sign, Pedestrian Crossing
Speed Limit Sign Traffic Sign, Road Sign, Street Sign, Speed Limit Sign
Handicap Parking Sign Parking Sign, Handicap Parking Sign
Bike Riding Sign Sign, Bike Riding Sign, Traffic Direction Sign, Street Sign
Neighborhood Watch Sign Neighborhood Watch Sign, Community Notice
No Skateboarding Sign Sign, No Skateboarding Sign
Street Sign Street Sign, Pet Waste Sign
Clean Up After Dog Sign Sign, Street Sign, Clean Up After Dog

Wow, incredible.
Genius! 😎

Thank you my friend
So kind...I am glowing 😇

Thank you for these nice images with which you so kindly contribute. They are crying out to be used in future collages by the community.

Thank you very much! I appreciate your visit and your kind words. No one is safe from my camera now :) Everywhere I go I look for good 'shots'. It's funny.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Hello friend, how are you interesting the images for the Lil library, thanks for the contribution, now we have more to make other collages

Hello my friend @cetb2008. I hope you are well and will enjoy the weekend with your family. I do like to make these pictures. I like to think of them appearing in collages or blogs long after I have stopped blogging. Won't that be something?

Thank you very much for visiting and for your kind words.

Hello @agmoore is always a pleasure for me, to visit your post. You always bring useful elements for our collage. Thank you. I am a novice who learns day by day in this community.

Thank you for stopping by. We were all novices once. I appreciate that my images might be useful to you. That is my wish--to help make LIL a rich resource for everyone on Hive.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Dear @agmoore,

When I was reading the title of your post, I was still assuming it was a "normal" LIL post. But then I was shocked to find a real treasure in it. It is truly a great contribution, with all these useful, unique, beautiful and interesting images.
You did a lot of hard work to make all those image cut-outs. I think that needs to be urgently appreciated with a lot of !LUV and !BEER.






@agmoore, you've been given LUV from @quantumg.

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Hello friend @quantumg,
You make me very happy that I meet your high standards. I have slowly tried to incorporate your various instructions about creating useful images. My husband goes with me on picture-taking expeditions and helps me to find subjects.

It is a lot of work, extracting the images. But, in a way, it is also relaxing. Takes a lot of attention, focus. And all the while for a really good cause.

Our library will grow and respond to the needs of all who come to 'check out' an image.

Hope you are having fun with your super duper computer.

Thanks for the Luv :)

Hello @quantumg:

I just saw the tip! You are too kind and too generous. I really appreciate that.

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Thank you very, very much. I'm grateful and honored.

Holy moly these are great and so good for collages I love them thank you for contributing. The fact that these are well thought over is what I like, you are a true lmac’er

Thank you so much. I appreciate that you can see the effort. I tried to extract everything from the background cleanly so users can just plop images into their blogs.

You know I value this community highly, not just because it's fun, but because it's a great access point for people who want to join Hive. And Hive, for a lot of people in the world, is a real financial asset.

Hope you are having a grand day. Thanks again for the high praise.

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Thank you @hivebuzz for the notice. Another landmark...

You're welcome @agmoore, that's with pleasure! Have a nice day 😊👍