LIL: Pictures From the Community for April

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It's April! As I look back at the pictures I've posted in the last several months I can track the seasons. People still have their winter coats on, but they are not huddling against the cold. They are walking their dogs at a leisurely pace. Sometimes the coats are open to catch a cool breeze.

Most of these pictures were taken last week. Some were snapped a few weeks ago. I hope someone finds use for them. They were fun to take, and to post.

A note about the mirror: I noticed afterwards that I had captured my own reflection, taking the picture of the mirror. Caught in the act :)

If you are not familiar with LIL, then you might want to head on over there now and see the great variety of pictures available to Hive bloggers. Bloggers may borrow from and contribute to the library. Rules for participating are described here. LMAC's (Let's Make a Collage) weekly collage contest continues today. You can still enter this week's contest. It doesn't end until tomorrow night.

As always, I thank @shaka for creating the LMAC community, and for infusing it with the positive, creative energy that has fostered amazing growth. I thank my fellow team members, @mballesteros and @quantumg, for helping to keep the LMAC motor running smoothly.

Black and Orange Pickup Truck Pickup Truck, Vehicle, Transportation
Chair Furniture, Household Accessory, Chair
Vase With Green Plant Green Plant, Vase, Decoration
Ceramic Figures Lawn Decoration, Ceramic Boy, Ceramic Girl, Lawn Statue
Blue House With Mildew House, Dwelling, Residence
Doors Doors, House Entrance
Man With a Stroller Man, Stroller, Father, Human, Person
Small White House House, Dwelling, Home
Three Pigeons Animals, Fowl, Pigeons, Birds
Three Pigeons Birds, Animals, Pigeons
Leaf Leaf, Plant
Fallout Shelter Sign Radiation Sign, Fallout Shelter Sign
Turquoise Chair Chair, Plastic Chair, Lawn Chair
Construction Equipment Carpenter's Tool, Construction Equipment
Elderly Man Man, Person, Elderly Man
Squirrel Eating a Nut Squirrel
Pigeon and Squirrel Pigeon, Squirrel, Animals, Bird
Playhouse Children's Playhouse
Woman Walking Dog Dog, Woman, Woman Walking Dog, Animal, Human
Wall Mirror Wall Mirror, Reflection
Window and Casement Window
Man Walking With Child People, Child, Man, Person

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Hello friend excellent images for the creation of collages, thanks for your contribution to the Lil library of our community

Thank you my friend for your visit. I hope you and your lovely family are well and enjoying the outdoors.

Nice pictures, I will choose blue house with chair. They are suitable for heating at night. I will bring some woods 😊

Thank you! I liked that blue house, also. It was hard to get the shot. I had to do it an an angle. Yes, it would be nice to sit next the a fire in that house.

Thank you for visiting.

It's also nice to watch snow through the window.
Good morning 🌄

Its very hot weather in here and the lil is really unfamiliar to me.

Hello. Thank you for the visit. You really should get to know LIL. If you like to take pictures, the community will welcome them and reward you. Also, if you make a collage and use pictures from there, the community will give you a more generous upvote than it might have otherwise.

Here is a link to the rules for contributing. And here is a link to the gallery of pictures.

I hope to see yours there someday. If you have any questions you can stop in at Discord and ask. We are friendly and helpful.

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