LIL: The Library Grows

Another week, another LMAC collage contest, another collection of pictures for #LIL, the LMAC Image Library.

Everyone on Hive is invited to contribute to the library. Everyone on Hive is invited to borrow from the library. Please read about rules and procedures in a post by community leader and founder @shaka, here.

A couple of words about my pictures. The first, Soccer, is derived from a photo I took at my granddaughter's soccer game (she scored the only goal for her team!). I ran that photo through a Lunapic filter and the result was rather nice. I did the same thing with the picture labeled Art: Flowers. This was originally a digital drawing (mine) that also came out rather nice with a Lunapic treatment.

The Ipad and Picture Frame feature the friendly #LIL librarian/search bot, Lily.

I hope all my pictures this week are useful to the LMAC community and the Hive community as a whole. Please visit our gallery here and see how quickly this unique, internal image resource is growing.

A Soccer Match Art, Soccer Match, Fall Scene
Bare Tree Silhouette Tree, Tree Silhouette, Bare Tree
Blue SUV Automobile, Car, SUV, Blue SUV
Brick House House, Brick House, Home
Maple Leaf Leaf, Maple Leaf
Stream Stream, Brook, Park
Landline Telephone Telephone, Phone, Landline Phone
Camera Camera
Inchworm on Bark Tree Bark, Inchworm
Winterberry Holly Winterberry Holly, Fall Foliage
Field and Trees Field, Trees, Autumn
Artist's Impression of Leaves and Fruit Autumn, Leaves, Fruit
Art: Flowers Art, Flowers, Grass
Suburban House House, Shrubs, Suburbs
Ipad Ipad, Electronic Device
Sport Car Car, Automobile, Jaguar Car, Sport Car
Leaves Leaves
Portable Lantern Lantern, Portable Lantern
Photo Album Photo Album
Keyboard Keyboard
Liquid Hand Soap Hand Soap, Liquid Hand Soap
No Trespassing Notice Sign, No Trespassing Sign
Computer Mouse Mouse, Computer Mouse
Picture Frame Picture Frame
Rocks Rock, Boulder, Rocks
Pills Drugs, Pills, Medicine
Roadside Scene Country, Mountain, Roadside
Kitchen Sponges Kitchen Sponges
Stone Wall Stone Wall
Sugar Bowl Sugar Bowl
Surge Protector Surge Protector
Water Jug Water Jug, Plastic Bottle
Lawn Ornaments Lawn Ornaments, Elephant Model, Decorative Wheel
Cell Phone Cell Phone
Gloves Gloves, Women's Gloves
Jacket Clothing, Jacket
Ghoul Hand Ghoul Hand, Halloween, Skeleton Hand
Keys Keys, Key Chain
3.5" Floppy Disk Floppy Disk, Computer Software

Absolutely great, I can work wonderfully with such photos.
Thank you and I think Lily is happy too. 😎

I really appreciate that, @muelli. Taking pictures is a challenge for me, but I"m learning to enjoy it. It makes me happy that you like my pictures :)

Me gustan las fotos que has compartido, creo que son muy fáciles de aplicar en nuestros collages ¡Gracias!

Thank you, @evagavilan2. I'm learning how to take 'clear' pictures. Not easy, it seems. I'm glad you think you might be able to use these. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Hello friend how are you, excellent images for the library of our Lmac community

Hello my friend, @cetb2008 , Happy to see you here. I am enjoying collecting pictures for LIL. Every time I go out now I think, would that be a good picture for the library?

Hope you and you lovely family are well and enjoying autumn in the outdoors.

A beautiful selection of pictures. I really liked the one at the soccer field. Thanks for your contributions.

Thank you, @pokerm. The soccer field was my favorite also. But then, it was my granddaughter's game:)

I appreciate your consistent support of my blogging.

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