Lil: Let's Build the LMAC Image Library! - My LIL collection NUMBER 3

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It's raining today, and I decided to publish the third set of ten photographs for this cool project.
You can see detailed information about the initiative on the link below:

And now, the photographs ...

Green lacewing lacewing, insect, dark background
Wild onion flower plant, flower, bell-shaped flower
Small grasshopper nymph grasshopper, insect, dark background
Elegant curved plant plant, leaves, curved
Blue damselfly on dry grass damselfly, insect, dark background
Group of mushrooms mushroom, fungi, orange, dark background
Field scabious seeds plant, seed structure, strange flower, dark background
Beetles mating insect, beetle, mating, dark background
Wild orchid flowers plant, flower, pink, orchid
Cleopatra butterfly (Gonepteryx cleopatra) insect, butterfly, dark background

And that's it for today. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 15

Thank you for contributing these beautiful photos. The wild onion and the blue damsel are like from another world.

Thanks :) Always glad to contribute.

You are amazing. Thank you for your contribution, @borjan

Love these shots, your macro insect photos especially always have good lighting and clarity. Have you ever experimented with stacking? It's an editing technique I'd love to experiment with sometime.

Never tried stacking, but it's a cool technique. Maybe I'll use it some day. For now, I don't have the right equipment. And I'm mostly photographing outdoors on the terrain where it's difficult to make the camera motionless. And I'm mostly running after stuff that always moves. :) Insects and spiders with their feet - and plants are almost always moved by the wind. Here on the coast, there is always some kind of wind present, almost every day. Even the gentle breeze can easily ruin a macro project. :) But maybe one day ... If you try it, tell me your experience, when you find the time.

Love the Field scabious seeds, but the wild onion was cool too.

Very nice project! This looks like a virtual botanical and zoological museum!lol

All those photography are really great. Wild onion flower looking awesome. Nice Photography..

Thank you :)

These all are masterpieces✌️✌️😍