Let's make a collage - A contest for all the creatives of Hive-Round 89 # Goldfish love

Good morning my friends, again I find myself participating in such a wonderful contest Let's Make a Collage round 89 which is sponsored by @shaka


The fonts I used are free from pixabay and purepng.

Image 1: https://pixabay.com/es/photos/fantas%c3%ada-luna-mujer-sentarse-3341586/ woman

Image 2: https://purepng.com/photo/490/animals-gold-fish fish

Image 3: https://pixabay.com/es/photos/mar-oc%c3%a9ano-barco-faro-luz-3121435/ lighthouse

Image 4: https://purepng.com/photo/30848/clipart-golden-birthday-confetti-with-blur confetti


The collage is a celebration of golden luminescence. It is quite beautiful! I like the way you rearranged the landscape.
Lovely collage.

That's right, in my mind I had the golden color in mind although I didn't know how I would make the collage,I knew it was with yellow color that I wanted it😁I'm glad you like it.Thanks for your opinion 💕.

Nice one. Fishy sunset. Wish you luck in the contest! 😎

Thank you for taking a look at my collages Greetings😊

You're welcome! 😎

I love this work in golden colors, it is a beautiful environment, it gives some peace to see it. Excellent work.


Hello @brume7. I love the colors gold, yellow, and brown. You blend them nicely in your collage. I can't tell what's in the woman hand behind her back. Is it food for the goldfish?

Congratulations on your collage being chosen as one of the finalists in this round. Thanks for sharing, and good luck.

Have a good rest of your week.

Thank you for appreciating my Collage,the woman has a red rose in her hand.Good night and greetings😁

OK. Thanks. I appreciate your clarification.





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