This is my third entry into the LMAC Library! This time, it's one that I am particularly proud of, the cyberpunk themed train car! If you want to check out that original post, I'll link it here, LMAC #85.

I've been including different angles for each of my LIL submissions so far, but this time it's just this inside view. The reason is because the outside doesn't look very pretty haha 😂 It was modeled to look good from THIS angle, so the outside isn't very usable.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed creating it!


CyberTrain train, dark, moody, cyberpunk, railway, vehicle, subway, scary, night, railcar, metro

Back when you made your collage, I was thinking that it would be a welcome image source for our artists here. And now you've officially made it available to the community. Truly great!!!
Thanks a lot for that! :-)

Thanks! I’m glad you think it will be useful for people! LIL has been a fun way for me to still be involved in the LMAC community even though I really haven’t had the time for my own collages! My work can now live on through others 😂

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