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RE: LMAC: Goats And Sphinx

I hope the sphinx get along with the goats, but maybe they can play catch in the mountains 😅
Lovely collage, Jo, I'm wishing you good luck in the competition and a wonderful week 😊

!WINE makes a delicious dinner with !PIZZA :)


Thanks Hannes for everything and the ecency points. I don’t know about the Sphinx but thought it was good to have a mountain goat. 😉

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week, dear Hannes. 🤗

The pleasure is all mine, dear Jo, and I am wishing you also a wonderful rest of the week 🌞🤗

If the Sphinx don't know where to go in the mountains, the goats can be their guides 😉

Have a !PIZZA from me, served with !LUV

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