LIL : My 13th Contribution to the LMAC Image Library (15 Fractals) Together With a Complimentary Sublime Sunday Collage [Not An Entry] | LET'S MAKE A COLLAGE: ROUND #125


I'm back with my Let's Make a Collage ("LMAC") contribution. This will be my 13th contribution to the LMAC Information Library (LIL). I'm not participating in the LMAC Round 125 with a collage as an entry. Rather, I decided to create a complimentary collage to accompany my contribution. I was inspired by the fallen tree in the contest photo.

To create the setting, I started with the photograph provided by @shaka in his contest post: Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 125 - ✨234 HIVE in the Prize Pool!

Image used with permission of contest owner for contest


COLLAGE: Reading By Forest Light

I located a lovely free photo depicting a lady and her daughter in the forest reading by lamplight. It was an intriguing photo by itself. However, I decided they needed more light by which to read their favorite nighttime stories. Also another daughter wouldn't hurt. I then decided that the children didn't have a sturdy bench. I noticed there weren't any tree limbs in the photo, so thought the broken tree in the contest photo would be perfect as a table to place their reading material and additional source of light.


To create the collage, I uploaded the contest photo and all images into Canva. Utilizing my Annual Pro Membership Subscription, I can blend them into a suitable scene for my collage theme.

Below are the images I included in my theme:

Woman reading to a child in a forest at PxFuelGirl sitting reading under mushrooms at PxFuelFantasy horse at PxFuelMagic book at PxFuelSnow globe Contributed to the #LIL by @quantumgOwl Contributed to the #LIL by @seckoramaFlock of birds Contributed to the #LIL by @eve66




It is imperative that you read the post LMAC School - Public Domain Picture sources (Free Materials for creating collages) by @quantumg, which discusses public domain issues. The post offers valuable information on images for commercial use. Links are included to sources that offer public domain images and other images that are free for commercial uses. Using public domain pictures and free pictures for commercial use are requirements for all collages that are submitted as entries in the LMAC contest and the LMAC Image Library (LIL).

What is Let's Make a Collage?It is a weekly photography and collage contest.
Who created the contest?@shaka is the contest owner.
What type of contest is it?This Contest utilizes a single photo provided by the contest owner as the basis for you to create your own photo collage by adding to the photo provided.
What are the rules?1. Use as your starting point for your collage the photography provided by the contest owner. It is located on the contest owner's post for free use without any copyright protection.
2. Entries are required to be posted to the LMAC community and must contain a link to the contest post.
3. Entries need to set the LMAC account (@lmac) as 20% beneficiary to be eligible for the dynamic component of the prize pool.;
4. Extra support with the LMAC trail to all collages where LIL assets have been included AND the respective LIL-contributors set as 2% beneficiaries;
5. By submitting your contribution you agree that your artwork remains public domain and that it can be copied, modified and distributed, even for commercial purposes, without requiring further permission.
6. Any graphical element that is added to the photography either needs to be your own original work (e.g. own artwork or photography) OR needs to derive from sites whitelisted by LMAC.
7. IMPORTANT: Indicate the source of all materials used in your accompanying post. Otherwise your entry can NOT be put up for the final vote.
8. All sort of editing, modification and/or manipulation is allowed as long as no copyright is affected.
What do you win?Prizes listed on the contest owner's post.



Claim In Green (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, clam, green
Sponge - Golden (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, sponge brown
Mandala Bowl - Blue (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, mandala, bowl, disk, blue
Mandala Bowl - Green (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, mandala, bowl, disk, green
Mandala Bowl - Brown (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, mandala, bowl, disk, brown
Mandala Bowl - Silver (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, mandala, bowl, disk, silver
Mandala Bowl - YellowNGold (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, mandala, bowl, disk, yellow, gold
Purple Flowers (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, flower, flowers, stems, purple
Chrystal Rock - Blue (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, rock, crystal, blue
Birds In Thorns (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image,
Peacock Feathers (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, peacock, feathers, feather, multicolor
Shooting Stars (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image, stars, yellow, green
Eye of the Swirl (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image,swirl, multicolor
Tails In Orange (Transparent) fantasy, mystical, fractal, apophysis, digital image,
Mirror Reflection (Transparent) fractal digital image, apophysis, mirror, brown


Thanks for visiting. I hope you like my collage theme and contributions to the LIL.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.







a) JustClickindiva's Footer created in Canva utilizing its free background and images used with permission from discord admins.
b) Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by me with my (i) Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet, (ii) Samsung Phone, & (iii) FUJI FinePix S3380 - 14 Mega Pixels Digital Camera
c) Purple Butterfly part of purchased set of Spiritual Clip Art for my Personal Use
d) All Community logos, banners, page dividers used with permission of Discord Channel admins.
e) Ladies of Hive banner used with permission of and in accordance with the admin's guidelines.
f) Image created in Canva by @justclickindiva utilizing one of its free templates.

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awesome collage looks cool i like the lights. Just wondering where is the main image? Its fun sometimes trying to find it in all the collages they are so unique

I'm happy you liked my theme. I scour through numerous free sites to find unusual backgrounds or items to include in my themes. In my post, I explained that I only used the broken tree limb and that I used it for a table to hold various items. I turned it upside down, lol.

Thanks so much for visiting and searching for the contest image. Sometimes if you can't find it, and I encounter it numerous times, I'll read the member's post to see what they did. With the numerous filters available, it's hard.

I appreciate your support.

ooohh very creative I see it now makes people think and Seach very good strategy keep us engaged let see if you can find me in my collage? lol

OMG...too stressful. Why put me under such pressure :) I like your theme and commented on your post just now. It's a bit hard to figure out which guy is you. I'm a bit skeptical because you know what those UFO's can do to you once you've been abducted. You may have been sent back and disguised. Can't be too careful!

Thanks for sharing. That gave me a laugh. Take care.

I usually use your fractals for my collages. These creations of yours give mine a special touch, just like someone as talented as you could do. Indeed, this new collage is a big proof of how your talent stands for itself.

Thanks and keep up the good work :)

Hello @gabmr. Oh my, I thank you for your kind words. I'm happy you like my collage themes. I appreciate the fact that you include some of my fractals in your collages. Your support is truly awesome. I love that LMAC members see fit to use my images. I like how you all transform them into wonders that I don't think of.

When I see the images, I'm amazed at their potential in the right hands. It's as if my images are molded and stretched in an entirely new way. One time, a member took an image, turned it upside down, and utilized it as a chair in the air.

I try to visit lots of other members' collages. If I haven't visited yours, I'll try to in the next day or so.

Take care, and have a good start to your week.

You know I have always wondered what making a collage meant..... I didn't really get it until I read this.

If I am not wrong, creating a collage means trying to add additional objects, people, or animals to an original photo in order to give it more meanings right?

You did great with your contribution to the theme photo though. I love the idea of giving them an additional daughter more because I have never met a single child who didn't crave the presence of a sibling... Hehehehe.

Hello @iskafan. Thanks so much for stopping by. You are correct. What you're trying to accomplish is a complete image of a theme you want to share. What I like about collage designing is that you can use all of parts of a photo, then add to it to enhance or completely change what the original photo image suggested.

I appreciate your kind words. I'm happy you liked that I added an additional daughter. I also appreciate your support.

Take care, and have a good rest of your week.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 106 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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