LIL: LMAC library participation - 6 (buggy boy, dots and a glacier on fire)

Hello there dear LMACian friends…

Below you can find another humble contribution from me.

The first one ‘Buggy boy’ is an imaginary bug where it’s wings are inherited from the ladybug. I added hands and feet to give it a cartoonish look. Also one eye is thought to be a distinctive feature.

Second one ‘Points’ is an abstraction of waves centered on the image center. High and low values are depicted as red and black colors.

And the last one ‘Glacier on fire’ is meant to be a savoring of hot and cold color gradients.

I hope these images may find their value in one of your collages.

Buggy boy png, bug, drawing, imagination, insect, figure, nature, ladybug, one eye, stand, shoes, feet, look, curious
Points circular, png, background, pattern, texture, black, red, dot, point, wave
Glacier on fire glacier, ice, fire, flame, burn, cold, hot, png, gradient, colorful, spark, kindle

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