Mountain hikers disturbed by flying airplanes | Let's Make a Collage Round 151

in Let's Make a Collage10 months ago

When such a beautiful nature photo was presented for this challenge, my mind wanted to add a human presence to it, but also some urban elements. I imagines some hikers on the cliff of the mountains while looking up to the sky where some airplanes were braking the silence. From the highs of the mountain to the depths of the sea the nature triumphs and amazes the travelers.

This entry is for the Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 151. I have envisioned for it a description like "Photography with people staying on a cliff of the mountain watching planes flying around while the sea is laying down from them, digital art" and I have used this as input for the OpenAI app and I got as output some amazing AI art. The generated content has the copyright assigned to the end user (myself as owner) in the form of all its rights. I have used that and added some fine touches using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

First image generated through OpenAI app.

Second image generated through OpenAI app.

The original image is from @shaka.