LIL: Gnome and wizard wand | Zwerg und Zauberer-Stab - [EN | DE]

in Let's Make a Collagelast year (edited)



Once again it was time for me to contribute something to the #LIL. Fortunately I had a bad and really expensive computer damage recently, so in the course of my data rescue efforts I found and rescued countless old 3D projects on my hard drives. Two of these 3D models I rendered differently for the LMAC Image Library and would like to make them available herewith.


Es wurde wieder einmal Zeit für mich, etwas zur #LIL beizutragen. Glücklicherweise hatte ich vor einigen Tagen einen schlimmen und wirklich teuren Computer-Schaden, wodurch ich im Zuge meiner Datenrettung unzählige alte 3D Projekte auf meinen Festplatten wiederfand und rettete. Zwei dieser 3D Modelle habe ich für die LMAC Image Library unterschiedlich gerendert und möchte sie hiermit zur Verfügung stellen.


About the images

All images offered in this post were created by my own hands. I modeled them in the 3D modeling software Blender.
If you need them rendered or lit from different angles for your own project, just contact me in the LMAC Discord.
I can also pose them differently for you or you can alternatively get the Blender files from me. We would surely come to an agreement ;-)


Über die Bilder

Alle in diesem Post von mir angebotenen Bilder sind in eigener Hände Arbeit entstanden. Ich habe sie in der 3D Modellierungs-Software Blender erstellt.
Falls du davon für ein eigenes Projekt Exemplare aus anderen Winkeln gerendert oder beleuchtet benötigst, schreib mich einfach im LMAC Discord an.
Ich kann sie dir auch unterschiedlich posieren oder du kannst auch alternativ die Blender-Dateien von mir bekommen. Wir würden uns dazu sicherlich einig werden. ;-)

For the LIL | Für die LIL

Gnome, rotated -15°Z gnomes, dwarfs, magic, tiny, smurfs, fantasy, cutouts
Gnome, rotated 0°Z gnomes, dwarfs, magic, tiny, smurfs, fantasy, cutouts
Gnome, rotated 15°Z gnomes, dwarfs, magic, tiny, smurfs, fantasy, cutouts
Wizard wand wands, magic, wizards, sticks, magical, wooden, woods, fantasy, cutouts
Wizard wand in action wands, magic, wizards, sticks, magical, wooden, woods, fantasy, cutouts

Best regards

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Excellent work . these are ideal for Christmas, which is already very close.

Thanks. Oh, that's right, Santa Claus also has little helpers. :-)

I missed this, @quantumg. I love your gnomes. They are perfection, but I like the feet best. Amazingly 'real' looking. Wonderful additions to LIL. I'm glad you've got your super duper computer. Great things are about to happen, I'm sure :)

Thank you @agmoore.

Funny but true, the gnome had had many different type of legs during the modeling process. I only liked these ones because I wanted the legs to look like they had worked hard. You know, gnomes work in gold mines and so have to kneel a lot. . :-) All previous attempts resulted in kid like legs. ^__^

I'm glad you've got your super duper computer.

Me too. This new box is a B.E.A.S.T.!!! :-D