LIL: Churches & My Cat Photos For LMAC

My eleventh entry of images for the LMAC Image Library (LIL). This selection is mainly Churches I have taken photos of at various times. The last three images are of my cat called Red.

United Church Church, United Church, Building, Religion, Transparent
Church Steeple Church, Steeple, Building, Religion, Transparent
Church At St. George, PEI Church, Country, Trees, Road, Religion
Catholic Church Church, Catholic Church, Building, Religion
Former Baptist Church At Uigg, PEI Church, Historic, Baptist, Building, Religion, Wooden, Transparent
Free Church Of Scotland Church, Building, Wooden, Religion, Snow
Three Steeples In Charlottetown, PEI Steeples, Church, Religion,
St. Francis Of Assisi Shrine Church, Shrine, People, Men, Women, Outdoors, Umbrella, Yellow, Building
Gravel Road Passing The St. Francis Of Assisi Shrine Road, Gravel Road, Country, Autumn, Landscape, Trees,
Presbyterian Church, PEI Church, Building, Religion, Presbyterian
Church Window Window, Church, Glass, Transparent,Religion
My Cat Red Cat, Cats, Pets, Pet, Animal, Transparent
Red Poses For A Photo Cat, Cats, Pets, Pet, Animal, Animals, Transparent
Red On His Favorite Spot-Top Of The China Cabinet Cat, Cats, Pets, Animals, Animal

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You will recognize your images in many LMAC posts - you have added quite some nice and useful images to the library, Jo, and now, Red is also a member there 😀

I completely forgot to ask how Red is doing so alone. Sunday isn't here anymore since quite a while now.

!BEER and !WINE - both make a nice dinner with !PIZZA :)

Red is quite lonely since Sunday passed and seems to want more attention now. Red is getting up in age and is getting fussy about what food he will eat.

It’s left a big hole in the household with Sunday gone and I didn’t want to think of another cat with Wayne’s hip surgery taking place. I do have 2 feral cats that visit outside everyday. I leave out cat food for them but they are wild as the wind and take off when they see me.

Thanks for your kind comments and for everything dear Hannes.

I hope Thor’s Day went pleasantly. 🤗 🌞

Oh yes, I believe that he is lonely, and now he needs you to be around like Sunday was.
I remember our old cat. When he got older there were only a few things he ate, mostly unhealthy treats 😉

2 wild cats? Sounds nice, maybe they will let you get closer over time, when they know you better..

I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend, dear Jo, and I hope your Hubby is already able to go for short walks in the snow with you 🤗🌞

!BEER and !PIZZA - nice 😃

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Hi Jo, your lovely cat Red seems a little character and so sorry to hear that Sunday has passed. it is so sad when an animal leaves us. They stay with us forever.💜

Thanks Angie. We miss our little Sunday and thinking of him can still bring a tear to my eye. Red is getting up in age and I thought he would pass first. Sunday had been a barn kitten and injured when I first brought him home. He seemed healthy enough but moped around a couple days and then passed suddenly. As you also know, it is like losing a member of the family when our pets pass over the rainbow bridge. 💛

These are wonderful! I love the formere Baptist church, and the cats!! Red on his favorite spot. That cat has personality :)

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. People will have fun with them.

Stay cool, but not cold :))

Thanks so much A.G. Red is quite a character. Unfortunately my other cat Sunday passed and Red is lonely and demanding more attention.

I was looking for the post I did on the historic church at Uigg but can’t find it in the search.
This church was built by Scottish pioneers who came here from Uig, Isle of Skye, Scotland.The church has been closed a long time but still has original pews and organ inside.

This is photo I took of church with cemetery sign. I often pass the Uigg community when going the back way to Charlottetown.

Have a wonderful day! 😊 🌞


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Much appreciated @ecency. 💕

Really nice additions, a lot of crazy stuff can be made with these😊

Thanks @nevies. I hope they will come in handy. 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 85 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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