LIL: Images For The LMAC Gallery

The following images are a selection of photos, mainly ducks, buffalo and rabbits, I have taken at various times.

‘Transparent’ is one of the keywords in all the images. It means the background has been removed so the images can be used immediately.

This post is my sixteenth entry of images for the LMAC gallery (LIL).

Birdhouse Birdhouse, House, Sunflower, Bird, Birds, Transparent
Gnome With Bee Hive Gnome, Gnomes, Leprechaun, Leprechauns, Little People, Bee Hive, Transparent
Two Ducks Duck, Ducks, Birds, Swimming, Water Fowl, Two, Transparent
Lobster Fishing Boat, Lobster Boat, Boats, Lobster, Fishing, Transparent
Mother Buffalo and Baby Buffalo, Calf, Animal, Transparent, Baby, Horns, Large
Young Buffalo Play Fighting Buffalo, Fighting, Animals, Animal, Bison, Two, Brown, Transparent, Horns
Jack Rabbit Rabbit, Jackrabbit, Animal, Animals, Cottontail, Transparent
Jack Rabbit In Back Yard Jack Rabbit, Rabbit, Cottontail, Animals, Animal, Transparent
Antique Car Vehicle, Car, Antique, Transparent, Cars, Vehicles, Black
Blue Bearded Iris Flower, Flowers, Iris, Blue, Transparent, Nature
Brown Duck And Ducklings Duck, Bird, Birds, Babies, Waterfowl, Reflection, Ducks, Three, Transparent
Buffalo At The Buffaloland Park Buffalo, Animal, Bison, Animals, Large, Brown, Transparent

To the community @lmac 20%

#LIL gallery is a library of free images we are collecting for everyone on Hive to use. Check for user information.



Lovely images, Jo, I like them all, but most I love the young Buffalo and the ducklings 😍

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Hi Hannes. I hope your day went well. Quiet here starting the New Year and it is beginning to feel like January with the temp dropping this evening.

The little buffalo and ducklings are so cute. 🥰 I’m happy you like the images I put together.

Thanks so much, dear Hannes, for your generosity and everything.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and nice weather. 🤗

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Thanks @ecency. Your support greatly appreciated. 💕

There is definitely a skill you have Jo.
I have to admit I am not sure what the library is all about as it is an area I know little about.

If you were to make a collage or needed a photo for a post, Angie, the #lil gallery may have one you would like to use instead of trying to find one on the internet.

At at, top right of page, there are 4 categories- Home, LMAC winners, Gallery and LIL Checker. Home will take you to the rules .There is a search bar if you click on gallery to find images donated by Hive users.

Thank you Jo, I will venture in to have a look.

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Thanks Pix!