LMAC: Neptune’s Love Interest

Greetings Everyone! It’s Round 138 of Let's Make a Collage.

In addition, whale curator @balte is adding another 50 HIVE as a donation to our community, bringing the prize pool for this round to a massive 297 HIVE. Thank you @balte!

In my collage a beautiful nymph rises from the sea riding a dragon.

Neptune, Roman god of the sea, is secretly watching her from the flying saucer he uses for transportation. He had longed to make her his wife but knows he must either tame or kill the dragon to get near her.

Template provided by @shaka. This lovely image is used to start your collage.

For more information on the contest, check Here.

My additions:

@lmac community 20%
@quantumg 2%

LMACians are encouraged to use Lil assets in their collages. To be found at



Beautiful lady that has bewitched Neptune. He has to resort to other worldly means to entrap her. I love your colors. Nice job.

Thanks for sharing, and good luck in the contest.


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Thanks @justclickindiva. I’m pleased you like my creation.

Hope your weekend is going pleasantly. ☀️ 😊

This time you have made a really fantastic collage, Jo, and I would suggest Neptune to tame the dragon with some treats from the deep sea, which the dragon has never tasted before and which he might love 😊

Have a !PIZZA from me, served with !LUV

Thanks so much Hannes and for everything. I’m pleased you like the collage.

Yes some unusual treats from the sea might pacify the dragon and let Neptune court the dragon riding nymph. 😉

Have a wonderful Sunday! 🤗

Good morning Jo,

sorry for my late reply, but I've got much to do in the office as well as at home, so I'm not much online these days.

You're most welcome and because it's Thursday already, I'm wishing you a wonderful Thor's Day and an even better weekend 🤗🌞

Have a !PIZZA from me, served with !LUV

Well, that's what I would call passion. He travels all the way using the UFO only for a chance to admire his beautiful object of desire, bearing these fricking high energy prices. :-D
Super creative concept, @redheadpei. I love the colors. All in all very nicely implemented.

Good luck! :-)

Thank so much @quantumg and for your great contributions in the lil gallery.

Yes, love will make a person or god do crazy things. 😆

The pictures is beautiful but I don't get the concept of the contest but I will read it up.

Thanks! Yes do give it a try.

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Much appreciated @ecency. 😊

Oh, that naughty Neptune. What a great collage. Somehow the lust comes through (maybe it's all those sparks 😄) Wonderful idea, wonderful modification.

Good luck this week, my friend @redheadpei

Haha A.G. @agmoore. Yes the sparks could represent his libido out of control.

Thanks for your support and everything, my friend.

Have a wonderful weekend. 💕 🌞

Hello @redheadpei beautiful surreal collage, I really like the effects.
Good luck in the contest.

Thanks @almajandra and for the good luck wishes. 😊


Very nice touch giving the animation. Good luck in the contest.

Thanks and for the good luck wishes, @sachingeorge.

Have a wonderful weekend! 😊

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 118 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix! 😊