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RE: Let's Make a Collage, Round 75 - Winner Announcement!

Thank you for your appreciative words @agmoore.

It remains being an immense pleasure to host the LMAC seeing how so many LMACians advance their skills and creativity week by week and month by month.

With the steady growth of LMAC and a remarkable level of interaction (now more than 500 comments between LMACians per contest round), my role is increasingly that of the machinist, making sure all the gears in the LMAC engine room are running smoothly. Therefore, the success and progression of the LMAC is increasingly based on the community itself, which is so magnificently committed, as you are, to making every participant and newcomer feel noticed.


That is how important it is that new hivers are added and that they feel that their collages are taken into account in the cures. Congratulations @shaka

An organization reflects the character of its leader.

the community itself, which is so magnificently committed

Thank you again @shaka.