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Hive hat seine eigenen Stockphotos, die LMAC Image Library. Das wird für die meisten keine Neuigkeit sein, sie ist ursprünglich eingerichtet um die Collagen für den LMAC Contest zu bereichern. Seit geraumer Zeit nutzen wir in der GmbH-Community diesen Pool auch um den monatlichen Meme-Contest durchzuführen.

Das funktioniert bisher sehr gut, allerdings ist die Auswahl an guten Meme-Vorlagen begrenzt. Die Gallery hat bereits über 9000 Bilder, könnte aber vor allem im Bereich Meme noch einiges mehr vertragen. Der (neue) Use-Case Meme, braucht natürlich auch erst einmal Unterstützung.

Wenn du dich auch gern mit deinen Fotos am Aufbau der LIL Gallery beteiligen willst dann findest du in diesem Post alle Informationen zu Aufbau und Form damit deine Fotos automatisiert in die Gallery eingefügt werden können.


Hive has its own stock photos, the LMAC Image Library. This will not be news to most people, it was originally set up to enrich the collages for the LMAC contest. For some time now, we in the GmbH community have also been using this pool to run the monthly Meme-Contest.

This works very well so far, but the selection of good meme templates is limited. The gallery already has more than 9,000 images, but could use a few more, especially in the meme section. The (new) use case meme needs support.

If you would like to contribute to the LIL Gallery with your photos, you can find all the information about the structure and form of the Gallery in this post so that your photos can be automatically added to the Gallery.

Observation point chair, observation point, landscape, outlook, hut, cottage, Beobachtungspunkt, meme )
Historical route marking post route, post, historical marking, stone, Wegmarkierung, meme )
TV repair television, tv, technology, inside, flat screen, 65 inch, repair, Fernseher, meme )
Supply shortage supermarket, shortage, empty, shelf, Hamsterkäufe, meme )
Pimientos de padron paprika, pimientos de padron, bratpaprika, ceiling, hanging, lamp, meme )



What does a painter do when he gets cold?
He puts on another coat

Credit: reddit
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I'd like to start a diet.
But I've got too much on my plate right now.

Credit: reddit
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Please make yourself familiar with our submission rules as explained in the initial LIL announcement.

Please note that we ask all contributors to set the @lmac account as 20% beneficiary in their contribution posts. This allows us to provide attractive community prizes and secures you the support by our voting trail.

If you need further guidance on how to set beneficiaries, have a look at this great user tutorial here.

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