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RE: LMAC #45: Bagpipes, Highland Dance, and Scottish Tradition

Dear AG,
You never cease to amaze me!

The decision between the two collages is really hard. In the first one i'm fascinated by the water effect. How beautifully the castle ruins with the wonderful stained Glass Windows is reflected in the water. In the second collage I listen to the typical Irish bagpipe music to which the highland-sword dancer swings his legs. In addition the musical notes dancing in rhythm and the puffin spreading his wings. Extremely original! As always, backed up with interesting facts and details, in this case with Scottish history and culture. What can I say, it's simply great!

With great respect and affection,


Dear Anna,
I'm so happy you like my second collage as well! I can hear the bagpipes also. Perhaps we are highly suggestible...isn't that wonderful :)

Thank you for the kind assessment of my blog and collages. This is a wonderful community, welcoming to all. That makes the exercise much more enjoyable for me.

I appreciate your visit, and your support. Be well, and peaceful.

Your New York friend,


This is a wonderful community, welcoming to all.

It really is. It's fun to see in which different ways the participants let their creativity run wild.

Have a wonderful day full of joy and peace.

Your friend from across the sea,

🌷 🌞 🎨 🌞 🌷