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Hi friends, I bring special greetings from myself @adesojisouljay.

Very quickly I'll like to take you through the second part of the topic I shared last in the project hope community.

You can find the first part of the post here.

In this post I'll be focusing on GIFT being one of the three keys I mentioned in the first part of this topic. The link to the first part of this post is above!

  1. GIFT
    There is no doubt about the fact that everyone came to the earth with the inherent capacity to do something. The gift of a man is what he came with and that is what he knows how to do naturally.

A gift is the inherent capacity to play a special role in a given niche.

My own definition of gift is, "The GIFT of a man is what that man knows how to do naturally."(Adesojisouljay)

If education doesn't exist, a man will find himself doing something. That which the man can do before ever thinking of becoming whatever he studied ot learned in college is the gift.

The role of education in the life of a man is to help him polish his gift. That is why most gifted people who are educated are somehow special and unique more than those that just deliver their gifts casually.

It is not about attending college or going for courses, before attending school, there should have been a gift discovery, then you take your gift to the college to build and polish it.

Some people are poor and broke even after attending college, they are frustrated because they don't like what they studied. This is not because what they studied is not a good course but they were not built for it.

You can not decide to drive a car on a sea or handle your vehicle as a canoe or ship on the water. That would be that you are abusing the car or vehicle. When humans do what they weren't built for, they abuse who they are.

The reason most people engage in series of activities that has nothing to do with their lives is because of the lack of the knowledge of their gift.

When a man discovers his gift, he has discovered what he was born to serve the world. But when a man doesn't have an idea about his gift, he tries to do many things that he wasn't built for.

Most people who don't find their gifts end up on a 9am to 5pm job. But the secrete is, those who discover their gifts hire those who never find theirs. You can be employed and also serve your gift while you are employed, but you have to make yourself so valuable that they wouldn't want you to leave.

Therefore the secrete to leadership or influence in life is to find the gift you were born to serve the world.

When you find your gift and serve it to the world, the world will come looking for you with their resources. People who serve their gift don't beg or look for money, money comes to them because they served their gift to people.

For example, an electrician who fixes your cable doesn't need to force or beg you to pay him, once his gift has solved your problem, you are compelled to pay him.

In other words, when you find gift, you attract resources.

Your gift is the greatest weapon you have in terms of solving problems in the world. If you dont find your gift, you'll always remain a follower. Although being a follower is not wrong provided that the follower is under a leadership that is helping him develop his gift.

The place of gift discovery can not be neglected in the discovering of a man's identity in life.

Remember, Your gift is what you know how to do naturally.

In conclusion, "you came with a GIFT to solve a problem in the world. Your GIFT is what you know how to do naturally. When you serve your GIFT, you'll attract resources."

Thanks for reading.


I am @adesojisouljay, the unique being.