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Hi friends, Special greetings from me @adesojisouljay.

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Some days ago, I began a series titled 'WHO AM I?' for those who have not been following I'll like you to check my posts for the first and second part of this topic.

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In continuation to the topic, in this part I'll be focusing on DISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE.
It has been said and proven, "When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable."

To avoid abusing ourselves there is a need to discover our purpose for existence. The purpose of a thing is the reason for it's existence. The discovery of purpose is actually the answer to 'WHY?' When why has been properly answered, it is difficult for abuse to happen.

Answering the question of purpose has been a difficult thing for an average human on the planet. Most people have even visited places and asked astrologers to help them discover their purpose and reason for being.

But the truth is, each time you walk up to that astrologer, you went with your purpose trapped on your inside but you are ignorant of it.

In the previous part I talked about discovering your gift. I also shared that your gift is an inherent capacity for you to fulfill a function on the planet. Your gift was built in you, and the reason you have the gift is for you to play a certain role with it or do something with it.

***As much as life is full of problems, your gift has in it the answer to one or some of life's problems.

That which you were meant to do with your gift is therefore called PURPOSE. Discovering Purpose is not as difficult as the world takes it. Your purpose walks with you to the gas stations, food stores and banks everyday. The only problem is, you haven't been informed about the link between your gift and your PURPOSE.

I explained in the previous part of this post that, your gift is what you know how to do naturally. But there is a link between your gift and your PURPOSE.

Your PURPOSE is what you were born to do with your gift.

The reasons why you have the gift is because you have a purpose on earth. So your gift should be applied in the execution of things that would help you fulfill your PURPOSE.

To understand your PURPOSE clearer, you need to first understand what your passions are. What you are passionate about determines the things you were born to do.

When certain things begin to drive your emotion or when you begin to perceive things that are not right, it is not so ordinary for you to feel that way, it is your PURPOSE yelling and crying on the inside.

The voice of PURPOSE is passion.

Your PURPOSE is discovered by the things you are passionate about.

So what I advice people to do in order to clearly understand their PURPOSE is to write down everything they desire to do or everything they are passionate about. Doing this most people end up with a lot of pages, some 10,15 and some even end up writing on 20 pages. That is not bad at all.

The next phase after this is simplification. You need to sit down and simplify everything and if possible integrate all into one sentence. (I'll shed more light on simplification in the next part)

In conclusion, your purpose is what you were born to do with your gift. PURPOSE determines the direction you apply your gift.

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