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Today I read an interesting article where someone expressed their habbit of reading books as soon as they wake up. The article was really inspiring. The person talked about reading physical books instead of digital books. I had to agree to most of the things that was mentioned in the article about reading in the morning. I would like to share my thoughts on this topic.

A cultural thing

During my young age my mother used to insist this. She always wanted to make me wake up early in the morning and do my studies. She wouldn't allow me to stay late night and read my books. Exceptionally only during exams we were allowed to stay late night and read. On all other days it was mandatory for us to wake up early in the morning and do the studying. I have to be very honest with you that whichever time it is, either morning or night, if I don't find what I'm reading is interesting, then I will end up sleeping. I guess thats what I did during my school and college days.



Just to describe about the cultural thing, it has always been a practice in our culture to wake up early in the morning at around 4 am and do all the daily routines and start our daily reading at around 5 in the morning. The studying does till 7 or 8 until we have our breakfast. Most of my friends have also shared that this has given a great result. Even the mordern science also agrees with this fact that when we wake up in the morning our mind is fresh and it can accept any new information given to it.

Using the fresh mind

Most of the time it is good to avoid reading late night. I know it is individual's preference but what I would say is that mind would have gone through so many things already during the day and usually during the night time we might feel like sleeping but if we push the mind towards studying something, there is a high possibility that it may not end up very productive. We might think that it looks all okay but comparitively with the same mind if we make it a practice to do the studying in the morning, it can yield even more better results compared to the night study.



During the morning time our mind would have got enough rest with a good night sleep it would be ready to gather new information easily. Especially during the morning time mind would be very fresh to absorb new information with good concentration power which we may not have during the night time. Another decent reason would be to say that Human being are not nocturnal. If we think through the natural way, we can identify that we are highly dependent on the sun's cycle for everything. So it is better to take rest during the night time and stay active and fresh during the day time. If we try to go against the nature, that may not give us any pleasant results.

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I used to read in the morning as soon as I was waking up during my college years and it was clearly seen that I'm able to focus more on what I read and understand it better than any other time of the day. I guess anything you do as soon as you wake up it's definitely more efficient since the brain is rested :)

Yes, that's right. Our brain would be very fresh in the morning and that's why we get more focus in the morning than at night. But the thing that we are reading, if it is not interesting, we might end up getting sleep even after having enough sleep. 😀 Thanks for the comments. Cheers! !BEER

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Ahhaa, this reminds me of my school days. Between me and my sister, she would study whole night and sleep towards morning and my habit was to wake up at 04:00 A.M. and study for 3 hours and not to brag I always secured more then her and she would get snappy at me during result time..hehehe
Yes I too believe that the grasping is much better studying and reading in that hour.

Ya my mother also used to tell this frequently. Studying in the morning time provides more results than studying late night. So you are one good example for that. 😉 Great 👍