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RE: Getting back to basics

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It's a strange thing with books, sometimes they can stay in memory all your life, if they have made a impression when you read it. They can even shape your way of thinking. I also have some books from decades ago, that I would never give away. Its something different to other old stuff, like a old chair or so.


yes, and re-reading them, can bring a whole new interpretation between your mind then until now. :)

Yes, that can happen. But I found this more with old movies, which I had in memory as really amazing - but when I watched then again now, after a long time, I was much less impressed. :)

A movie like the original WestWorld is still good today tho :)

Its not all old movies , of course. But I had it, that I watched a movie which I saw as a teenager before, and I remembered as really great - and I found its silly now. I don't remember what exactly it was, only that I was really surprised about why I would have liked this in the past.