Putting profit to work

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2020 was a shitty year filled with more lows than highs. However, it gave me and many people like me the opportunity to build our portfolio and stack these beautiful sats under the radar.

The mini bull run got underway recently and in that period, I've seen my portfolio substantially appreciate to the point that profit is actually approaching two thousand dollars.

So out of the profit, I decided to take a portion out to buy some home appliances and stuff that will generally help me lead a more comfortable life in this place, while I plot my escape.

Washing Machine

I have been craving for one of these for years now and getting one for myself feels absolutely surreal. The machine I got is a brand new Midea MTE-60 washing machine.


The machine costs 55,000 or roughly 286 Hive($114) at the time I sold the Hive(1hive=$0.4).
There's been heavy correction across the board, as the dollar fights back. Is this the end of the bull run or just a bump in the road, time will tell


That notwithstanding, I'm glad I got this machine because it will first of all improve my life and hygiene on a personal level. It will also improve my efficiency, as it means I get to spend less time washing manually.


The other thing I got was a TV. I'm not exactly a TV person but lately, I've found myself getting worked up by all the political and crappy things happening in my environment, so getting this TV will be my escape.


The television costs 70,000 Naira or roughly 365Hive($145) at the time I sold the hive(1hive=$0.4). I'm not one to go for fancy brands because they tend to be expensive, but this 32 inches Samsung N5000 HDTV came highly recommended. According to her, it is better to get good quality and a popular brand with readily available spare parts.

I also had to buy a wall bracket to hang it on the wall but that will be done tomorrow. The wall bracket costs 3500naira($7.3=18.3Hive at 1hive=$0.4).

Finally, I also paid for a DSTV decoder and satellite that costs 12,000 Naira or roughly 62.5Hive(1 hive=$0.4) that will be available tomorrow. The decoder comes with a one-month free subscription that I may or may not upgrade, depending on the channels that it comes with.

Washing it down

To wash it down, I decided to spoil myself with a fine bottle of American Honey that is priced at 6,000Naira or 31.25Hive(1 Hive=$0.4)


It is an exceptionally smooth Bourbon whiskey and blended with honey to lubricate the experience. It worth every penny and I think I might be switching from Vodka to whiskey.

In summary

So at the end of the day, I spent a total of 763hive ($305) to fund this expedition. Imagine how much more we'll all be able to do when Hive hits $5 in the future.

I'm grateful to be part of this amazing community and as much as I have taken out to improve my life, I will do the utmost to bring more value in as well.

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I must congratulate you, I see that the reality of your country is the same as my country, with respect to the prices of household appliances, compare the prices of these products and the prices are usually very similar here in Venezuela.

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Thanks for the tipu vote. Yeah we're both struggling with inflation, so it is only natural I guess. !ENGAGE 50

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It is very motivated now to see that through these platforms people can achieve their goals.

I congratulate you and invite you to continue working to improve your quality of life and help other people to learn to improve their quality of life just as you do, using this platform.

I can testify that in the last two years, I have earned my living and paid the expenses of my life through these platforms, doing what I like the most: writing.

Glad we can be a part of the community and hopefully we'll add more value as well

32" Samsung for $145? That is so cheap. You will get that retailing for $200 in Kenya probably because of the punitive taxes.

It's nice though getting the quality of life things. It does wonders for peace of mind.

Damn. This is just for ordinary one. I saw an LG 32inch smart TV for $200. It was above my budget, so I didn't bother.

Damn! Its amazing to see whta Hive can do for people :D

Feels good to get some new stuff in my house bro. 😁

Enjoy your new stuff!
Nice to see real life use cases for crypto.

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Yeah. Real life stuff

How much for a gaming laptop or just like I7 or something including dhl to South Africa? All those things would cost about triple or more in $ value here. :(

Seen some gaming laptops for sale here. 500GB SSD, 16GB Ram, Nvidea Gforce Processor with like 1.5GB dedicated video memory going for $450-500 range.

Nvidia processor you say ;) Mmmm that is next to nothing, if I ever go to nigeria it would kinda be cheaper to fly there just for a damn laptop haha.

Lol even my current laptop runs on second generation old school Nvidia and I got it for like $105.

I suspect your laptop is an Intel, i3 or i5 something like that, Nvidia is the graphics card and I can kinda do without one since I would mainly need the laptop for devops but don't mind a gpu , my pc now can't support blender 3d or really proper video rendering so would definitely be an upgrade and $500 is really good.

Fair point. Shipping to SA would probably just make the shit as expensive as it is at your end though.
I bet there are people in SA that buy laptops from places like Nigeria at wholesale prices and then resell to suckers like you at SA for twice the price.

The investment of time, money and creativity to fulfill certain desires must be taken advantage of.

Yeah boss.

This is extremely impressive, it feels good to finally be able to get what you have been craving for to meet your needs and I am very happy for you, I wish you more wins my brother (oya send a cup of that whiskey over here too let me wash it down with you).

The whiskey dey road. 😄