The irony of buying locally made goods in Nigeria

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For as long as I can remember, there's been a lot of talk about buying Nigerian made products. The idea of this movement is to reduce our dependency on imports and invariably keep more Naira within the system. Keeping more Naira in the system creates scarcity and then the Naira rises.

The idea of growing the naira and placing priority on Naija made is good on paper, but the actual implementation is shoddy at best.

In typical Nigerian fashion, the government who made the rule about depending on Nigerian made are the problem. Their lack of discipline and integrity prevents them from following the rules that they made in the first place.

Say it with your chest

To get an idea about how dumb this whole thing is, just take a look at how the politicians treat every sector of the economy. They say things with their mouth but simply don't believe that things will get better.

First of all, let's point out that politicians are the richest people in the country. Political offices are very lucrative and are more of a "cash-out" opportunity than anything else.

The politicians that promote "buy the naira to grow the naira" always send their kids abroad to school. The same politicians that chat shit about supporting locally made products can't even keep their kids in a Nigerian school.

It is pretty much the same as healthcare. I remember the president allegedly ordered to close the border and invariably reduce imports. However, the same president who champions that cause constantly flies out if the country for any slight problem.

The Horror

As if their hypocrisy wasn't stupid enough, we also have the fact that running a business in Nigeria is extremely difficult. I haven't been to other parts of the World, so I don't actually have a yardstick to compare to. However, plain deductive reasoning will make you understand.

As someone who has run a failed business before, I remember how I suffered from the lack of electricity and other basic amenities. You'd think that doing a business within the confines of a University would make life easier but it is all the same thing.

Businesses in Nigeria suffer from lack of electricity, connecting roads, and to make matters worse, terrible policies. So much of the crap that goes on just seems like they're squeezing out an opportunity to fleece business owners, rather than actually tax them.

When businesses have to provide things like electricity, water, roads and virtually all the basics, their goods either becomes overpriced or substandard, and it is the customers that pay the price.

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why not buy products only made from the street you live on.

I always patronise businesses around me.

We have the same crap here, even with the support local a person can expect major government money in the billions to go to corrupt tenders and they have since Apartheid moved to importing even things we are able to produce locally for much cheaper and higher quality. As I always say this is Africa and as such you can't expect much from the countries. Not in our lifetime.

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It fucking sucks. It is all about lining their pocket and shitting on everything else

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Greetings friend @belemo

This is the common problem of governments that want to increase local production, and therefore the purchase of national products, but without establishing follow-up, or when they do, they do not maintain a logical sequence or discipline. I agree with your position, political positions are like a kind of an ATM but for their own benefit. The situation you describe in Nigeria is similar to that which occurs in most countries in South America. Thank you for sharing this type of content with us.

I've heard about the travails in South America and man that sucks. Nigeria and Venezuela are like twin brothers

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I like the term that you use. They are "Cash Out" politicians. In economics they called this "rent seeking behavior", but I like Cash Out more.

I think this world that we live in is kinda crazy when the really rich only keep the people fed just enough, so that they don't overthrow the government, but not a cent a more that. They are being really efficient about this.

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It is very well-coordinated and planned. I always scoff at people who say "look at this idiot, he could do this to fix the country". I think the "idiot" is very aware of how he could fix it but won't because the status quo is infintely more important

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Hello @belemo
I read you and I see that there is a lot of similarity in the commercial reality of your country and mine. Corrupt politicians, lack of public services, among many other things.
It's complicated, it seems like a mold in which all politicians must be thieves in order to be able to exercise the office.

It is very frustrating because a lot of us really just want a country that we can develop and improve. Most citizens have been forced to provide the basic amenities for themselves but even that is destroyed by the Government

If the local products are good enough, you are not going to need massive marketing campaigns. What I have seen repeatedly is middle/upper class people starting to considering using local products as low quality products. That is going to create perception issues for local products. What really needs to be done is to empower local producers.

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I think so too. I try to patronise them as much as my means can permit. However, it is so fun annoying when I pay ver the top for ported shit that could be cheaper