Is Cathie Wood Another Wolf of Wall Street?

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Have you heard the name Cathie Wood? Okay, for clarity. Cathie Wood is the CEO and CIO of ARK Invest, an investment firm that invest people's money into new innovations and technology company. You could refer to her firm as an equity firm, she has over $50B under her management to invest (someone holding up to 50 billion dollars of people's money to invest).


At a point, she forecasted that Tesla stocks would get to $4000 and her prediction hit the nail when Tesla got to $4000 this January (2021). You can tell that she got the prediction right as the stock price of tesla increased to $4k two years before the date she had predicted it. Being a celebrity in the money management is cool fir Cathie Wood and her popularity has increased following the returns she got from her 2020 investments.

She has decided to invest in innovation stocks rather than growth stocks. Innovation is one of the biggest segment of the economy of any country as it cross across many sectors. ARK manages innovation ETFs, Autonomous Technology & Robotics, Next generation ETF, Fintech Innovation ETFs 3D Printing ETFs, Israel Innovation Technology ETFs and so on but mostly technology. She has made good returns currently on her investments because the tech world has been growing very fast and the race for technological supremacy as well as to change the way of our living but is there a possibility that she might be wrong?

Some investor and money management experts have said that she isn't doing anything special instead she is just investing in stocks that every other person is investing in while charging them to give her their money to invest in the same stocks that can be found in wallstreetbets. She is said to invest in public companies that can be bought in regular trading platforms like Robinhood and charging them higher instead of investing in private investments.

Cathie Wood seems to always make investors put their money by making them play emotional instead about their investment and making the world a better place rather than investing strictly. Her background has shown that she doesn't know anything about technology and like Warren Buffet said that you should know what you are investing in. She make her money from charging her customers an average of 0.75% from money invested.

Although Cathie Wood is now in the light, do you think she is a good investor, do you think investing in a sector she isn't familiar with doesn't matter, do you think she is stylishly stealing people's money?


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Hello @ben-edom
I did not know this character. However, I don't think he is stealing from anyone. He is just offering a service, maybe he has been very lucky because since last year what has to do with technology has been booming, or he simply knows what he is doing.