Is Fake News Fake or Just Made Up?

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I am sure you must have heard the word fake and the word Lie more than so many words. Starting from the famous "Fake News". A lie will travel halfway the world before the truth even finds its foothold on the starting line. It is like we live in the world of Lies and fake where every news and everything is considerably a lie.


fake news have been existing in the past but thanks to the internet, and the freedome of speech with no censorship, anyone can say anything and spread it across their fanbase who will move the news far to their fanbase and another fanbase. The entire media is infested with so much lies that it is very difficult to find the truth.

The Internet brought about a different way to see news, thereby bringing sensational topics, interesting but false story body and so on just to get ad revenue from people who visit the site. Just the same way newspapers make money from adverts, so does the online news world do the same. Fake news isn't just a result of online news content producers creating fake news but also a mix of politicians who seek power and celebrities who seek fame.


There can be 1000 naratives for scene giving that there is enough data to create different narratives for the same story creating both fake and partially truthful news. The bad part of this is that the media is responsible for fake news and the major media houses in the world is owned by a few people so the content we consume is a result of a few people's conclusion.

Is there something like an unbiased media or news? Whether it is a fake new or a semi fake news, all news are biased based on the writter and this makes news fake.

Do you think Fake news doesn't exist or do you think it is just people making things up and that there is no fake news.


Hello friend, an interesting topic, I agree, nowadays social networks lie to our face, we do not know what is real and what is not, but despite this we still believe in what we see and read. Technology has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages, and unfortunately we all contribute so that they follow the power of our minds.

hi dear @ben-edom
There is a term that is known as sensationalist tabloid, I think they are the main culprits of fake news since through clickbait they want to attract more users and readers, to the point of exaggerating the truth and turning it into a fake news.