Siddartha "The Buddha" - The Enlightened One

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Hello friends, today I want to tell you a little about the great "Siddharta Gautama" the famous "BUDDHA", a character that arose from the northwest of ancient India, based on his teachings the Buddhist religion was founded, we can say that the word "Buddha" is It refers to the wise person who reaches the illumination of the inner being, there were many Buddhas but "Siddharta Gautama" was the most important and supreme that influenced history.


"The Story of Siddharta"

The story goes that Siddartha, was the prince and heir of a great powerful and rich kingdom in ancient "India", Siddartha's father was King Sudodana, this king wanted to take care of his son from all dangers, he did the impossible for hiding the sufferings of life, for keeping him away from all illness, death or pain, for this reason Siddartha's life was happiness and games among the opulent places of the palaces and their gardens, thus our character grew up and at 16 years of age case with a beautiful woman named Yasodhāra who was his cousin, with whom Rahula had a son, so he lived in luxury until he was 29 years old, when something extraordinary happened, Siddartha discovered the pain suffered by people outside his rooms, old age , diseases and other ills made Siddartha, leave the palace to go out to travel the world in search of the truth of life.


At first, Siddharta begged through the streets, wandered through the villages, began by renouncing all material goods and the physical mortification of the body, for which he was so weak that he almost died, until he went deep into the woods and began to practice "Yoga" with great teachers and sages, it was thus that by learning different doctrines and his walk in life, he found the way to enlightenment, the awakening of Siddharta Gautama, occurred at 35 years of age, by then he had already discovered that his path was contemplative meditation.


Philosophy of "Siddartha" - El Buda

Siddartha's philosophy "The Buddha" is based on four foundations known as the "Four Noble Truths", these philosophical beliefs influenced so much that now many ramifications of Buddhism are known throughout the World.

Life includes the "Duḥkha", life is imperfect, to exist is to live with dissatisfaction and suffering, which are universal.

The origin of suffering is "Tṛiṣṇā", the suffering of life originates from desire, longing, craving caused by the senses, the belief that some action will lead to the satisfaction of said desire, but this is a illusion, for the "I" is an illusion of the mind.

There is the cessation of "Duḥkha", suffering ceases with the abandonment of desires, which is achieved by facing life as it really is, understanding the causes of our own suffering as something that nests in us.

There is a method to extinguish suffering, this path he called the "Noble Eightfold Path" and consists of the search for a middle point, avoiding excessive satisfactions and excessive mortifications, through ethical conduct, meditation, mindfulness and awareness of the present continuously.



Buddhism is both a religion and a non-theistic philosophical and spiritual doctrine, that is, it does not believe in the existence of a specific god or creator, it belongs to the "Dharmic" family of beliefs from India.


Friends for your great support and for your time, I say goodbye with this thought that makes us grow more every day.

Lo que eres es lo que has sido. Lo que serás es lo que haces a partir de ahora.





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