Technical analysis: Tether

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Welcome, all friends of technical analysis. This TA is a special one just for Project Hope members!

In today's special technical analysis our focus will be on the most important stablecoin, USD Tether.

Technical Analysis USDT/USD

Altcoins now looks very interesting. At present, the best thing about trading is USDT, which forms a falling triangle on its 4H chart. And just after its completion should be followed by a significant price drop, which can be taken as a great buying opportunity.

In general, a good purchasing value for USDT is less than $ 0.98. After breaking the bottom of the triangle set your trading positions, but do not forget the very narrow stop-loss.

You can also set up short trade with 100x leverage on Bitmex. But, as with all other leverage trades, be very careful.


Especially on April 1st, look at the information on the Internet at a distance. You might be fooled by April fool's joke anytime soon 😎

This article set up 50% beneficiary payout to



Do you know that over 1M USDT has been minted and ready to be introduced to the market. In that case what you think the market would be!

I hope 1 USDT will be still +- 1 USD. Hope they are backed by real USD those minted USDT. 🤨😶😏

See that's the problem there. The US printed 1T USD and Crypto guys mint 1T USDT, and they're focusing to increase it's supplied by 1M each month. DOn't you think it'll make a disbalance between supply and demand!

Tether seems to be a bit problem to crypto, you are right. But I hope it will not pop anytime soon.

That's what I'm hoping otherwise market will crash!

Thanks for the information.

You are welcome 🙂

Haha.. I think you should make it clearer that it is an April fool's joke, in case someone takes it too seriously.

I thought it would be clear enough 🙂 but you might be right. I am not to force anyone to go short with leverage on USDT 😆