Don't Sell Ethereum Hold Now Market Dumping Mode Is Over

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Ethereum we've seen dumps like this happen back in feburary 20th. we saw another on back in feburary 21th another one 22th .we see giant dumps like this for ethereum

multiple times and even going back to our old wedge. you see the amount of dumps that we got that were very similar to the dump that we just got it's not time to panic until we break this box this is the big area that i don't want to break. if we break that we probably go back down to about 1450 in my opinion but you see another huge thing on the four hour. you see this line and that's our 54 hour ema
You see every time we actually break that on a four hour close, we end up going back and retesting the bottom . you see the first time we broke this we touched the bottom then we went back up went back below it touched the bottom and then we just kept getting support on it until .we finally broke below it and touched the bottom .we broke back above it was our support until we broke below it touched the bottom broke it back above it was our support the bottom and you see all throughout this area was our support and then we broke below and touched the bottoms. you see this is a very good thing to notice is every time we break this 54 hour ema. we go back and touch the wedge so don't be surprised


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