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This week, I made a longer post listing the 11 + 1 worse investment mistakes small investors often make. Brazilian stocks are down 52 percent in dollar terms compared to the end of last year, why? Let’s speak about online work, freelancing, self-employment, and part-time jobs. Fiverr and Upwork.

This is my weekly chart and post recommendation for you. I started a new project on my financial web page, Agelessfinance, publishing now “charts of the day” for you, readers. I present you the summaries and if you are interested in the topics, or the charts in better resolution, just click on the image. But the posts contain much more than a chart. Also, click if you want to know more about the background of these trends.

11 + 1 Grave Investment Errors Robinhood Newbies May Commit

This post also contains a chart, but in reality, it is a longer reading about the mistakes small investors use to make.

  • Everyone wants to know what the best investment is and doesn’t want to deal with common investment errors.
  • Many people are trading now in the new coronavirus crisis.
  • Small investors often fall into fatal traps and lose their entire capital.
  • Many people buy too high and sell at low prices.
  • They miss basic safety precautions.
  • Stock market dreams may go to the grave for forever because of well-known investment errors.

Click the chart to view the full post: 0029 Nasdaq Composite index 20072020 and yield from low to top640.jpg

People Need Online Work and Fiverr Skyrockets

  • In the coronavirus crisis, online work is very popular.
  • Even full-time online jobs are possible.
  • Freelancing, self-employment, and part-time jobs complete the picture.
  • Fiverr and Upwork stock prices exploded.

Click the chart to view the full post: 0028 fiverr upwork online work sites stock price640.jpg

Crashing Brazilian Real and Bovespa in the Abyss

  • The Brazilian real crashed this year and was the second worst-performing currency.
  • Also, the Bovespa Brazilian stock market index fell over 32 percent.
  • Brazilian stocks are down 52 percent in dollar terms compared to the end of last year.
  • The compounding effect of the coronavirus, commodity prices, and political issues?

Click the chart to view the full post: 0027 Brazilian Bovespa Stocks Index EZW ETF Real prices YTD640.jpg

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