Facebook Is Earning on You, Pre-Corona Stock Prices, Financial Repression – Charts of the Week

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This week, you can learn how to create your coronavirus charts of any country. Negative real interest rates can be a major problem in the future, I show you two charts about it. Also, some hard to find data. New numbers are here about Facebook revenue per user. And a scary chart about stock markets in this issue.

This is my weekly chart recommendation for you. I started a new project on my financial web page, Agelessfinance, publishing now “charts of the day” for you, readers. I present you the summaries and if you are interested in the topics, or the charts in better resolution, just click on the image. But the posts contain much more than a chart. Also, click if you want to know more about the background of these trends.

Still Scary Coronavirus Statistics by Country

  • The coronavirus statistics are recovering globally only very slowly.
  • In some countries, the epidemic is just beginning.
  • I will teach you how to create your coronavirus charts, your coronavirus statistics by country.

Click the chart to view the full post: 0018 covid19 deaths and confirmed cases Turkey Brazilsmall.jpg

How Is This Massive Negative Real Interest Rate Possible?

  • Negative interest rates and negative real interest rates may stay with us for a long time.
  • Central banks and other big investors are buying government bonds at all prices.
  • This does not show a crisis, a collapse.
  • Avoid negative rates, fight inflation.

Click the chart to view the full post: 0019 german 10y 5y 1y government bond yieldssmall.jpg

Are You Sure You Will Buy Stocks in 2020?

  • If you want to buy stocks in 2020, it is important to know that they are not cheap.
  • You could buy cheap stocks, perhaps, in March, but not now.
  • There was little left of the stock market crash in March.
  • Is the coronavirus epidemic not yet priced in?

Click the chart to view the full post: 0020 SPX index fall from 2019 averagesmall.jpg

How Much Money Do You Make for Facebook?

  • Facebook’s average revenue per user was $6.95 in the first quarter.
  • Lower than the previous quarter but higher than one year before.
  • Facebook seems to be unshakeable, crisis-proof.
  • Go for it, cryptocurrency media applications!

Click the chart to view the full post: 0021 Facebook average revenue per user 2002 Q1small.jpg

Negative Real Interest Rate, Financial Repression in Your Pocket

  • It is difficult to find reliable data on financial repression and negative real interest rates.
  • In our overview turned out that more than half of the countries introduced it already.
  • In the last 13 months, government bond yields have continued to decline in most countries.
  • So, the negative real interest rate is likely to remain with us in the coming years.

Click the chart to view the full post: 0022 real interest rate in selected countriessmall.jpg

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(Cover photo: Pixabay.com, some charts: Tradingview.com)


Valuation is a funny thing. Stonks have gotten cheaper, but they are still not a steal. In my opinion there is still too much optimism in the market.

Interesting way of expressing FB profits. I don't count towards the user numbers but unfortunately they are still making money off me.

In 1932, the bottom was at a 90 percent fall from top. Where are we now from the top in February? 17 percent lower (S&P 500). And the world has completely changed.

I went short on Thursday.

I still don't like shorting an entire market. I don't even like shorting individual stonks with a fairly reasonable trigger :)

For some reason the market believes that it's only going to be a lost first quarter. The second quarter is going to be terrible as well. It might take until the 3rd quarter until we see the true damage with respects to insolvencies and health costs.

Okay, in March it was a good time to buy cheap stocks, however this is causing them to be expensive right now.

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