A Lesson From The Sudden Rise Of OMG

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The integration of Tether(USDT) into the OMG Network had caused a great rise in the price of OMG.

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With this integration, OMG was able to rise up to the height of US$9.43 on 21st August 2020.

I actually invested in OMG previously and I had held on to it until I sold it off few weeks ago.

I do see the potential of OMG but I would never have thought that it was able to rise almost 9 times from my previous purchased price.

I really missed this profit as I sold my OMG much earlier.

I would not have thought that OMG would ever rise suddenly like this and I can really kick my own butt.

I guess I am not the only one who is feeling this way but I am quite sure someone who had been patient enough would have really earned a nice profit with this price pump.

This is a lesson for me that the potential of each cryptocurrency can be really unexpected especially it can benefit those who are willing to hodl.

I am currently still hodling some other altcoins that I feel that they have potential for growth so I should really be patient to wait for such moment again.


I know the feel of when you sell earlier, though much safer than Hodling and get dump on you.

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Indeed. We would never know when the dump would happen.

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