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Greetings, @crypto.piotr: PH does seem like an interesting project, but there are a few points I am unclear on:

  • Are creators accepted from all countries, or is the focus on Venezuelans only?
  • What language(s) will the creator posts be in (my Spanish is no bueno)?
  • How do you determine that a given creator is 'worthy' of PH support - what is the criteria or basis for that determination?
  • If I choose to delegate SP, but later (be it weeks or months) decide that I have another need for that SP, how easy is it to undelegate it so that I have access to it again?

The source of my hesitancy is mostly my concern over the political situation in Venezuela. I admit this is largely due to ignorance and a distrust of the mass media news outlets in the United States to provide an unbiased picture of the situation there. My (likely flawed and oversimplified) understanding is that the country there is very polarized into the ruling elite and the impoverished lower class. If this project is really only benefitting the elite to the detriment of the lower class then I would be reluctant to support it. I would be fine with a core team that comes from the elite, but truly are working to improve the situation of the disadvantaged lower class. It would be even better if the supported creators are disadvantaged people from any part of the world that is similarly polarized.

I am perhaps overly cautious when it comes to such projects because too many (not necessarily on steem) have turned out not to be what they claimed to be. But I also desire to be educated where my understanding is flawed. Ultimately, I wish to aid the truly disadvantaged and not further the cause of the already privileged elite.


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I hope my previous long reply won't put you to sleep @jdkennedy :)

Enjoy your weekend