New reality in a globalized world

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The world is totally interconnected, the Internet has facilitated communication, it has allowed us to be aware in a matter of seconds of what is happening on the other side of the world.

Just as information and technology have advanced, it has had an impact on the various transport systems, land, air and sea. But, although it is true that this allowed the continents to be closer, because of the possibility of being in one and going to another in the same day, this is also part of the cause that we currently know as a pandemic, the ease of transportation has been the main way of transmission of these diseases that in the last 15 years has had a global impact.

At no time do I mean by this that no one should travel, know other countries or states, I want to clarify this, but the reality is that all progress and innovation brings with it its particular consequences.



After this pandemic is over or completed, and it is worth noting that will not be the last, there will be changes in the security mechanisms in the various means of transport. And this is not for nothing, considering the current reality.

Unfortunately this economic area has been particularly affected, by the total closures of airports and ports in many countries, causing the paralysis of an economic area that in some countries is vital, and this is the sector Tourism.

Countries such as those in the Caribbean, whose economy depends almost exclusively on tourism, are currently in very poor economic conditions. However, it is not precisely this that I want to emphasize, but rather, that once this historical trance has been overcome, the implementation of technology-based security measures will most likely come, for the most adequate control of future pandemics.

And it will not only be a major safeguard at the airports but most likely in the various travel agencies. It should also be borne in mind that lenses have been developed that allow people to see if their body temperature has risen. Technology that is currently being used. It happens as with all innovations, which first cause a sensation and then become normal.

Is this what will happen with everything new that is emerging?

It is up to us first of all to take care of ourselves, and also our relatives, so that we can know what will really impose itself as a new reality.



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With this pandemic going on, it starts to look like some part of tge Elites are trying to unglobalise the world... 🤔

My friend, it seems absurd what you're proposing, but I think it's a valid theory. It seems more absurd to me that after more than 6 months there is still nothing to control this, but the confinement, I refuse to believe it.

@josevas217 first of all very nice article. The whole world is interconnected to each other we can get any information from any part of the world. This is helping us to develop more in terms of learning.

Or should it be, or should it be logical, to take advantage of these facilities for our own benefit. Although there are those who only use it to be in networks and to publish photos... but, each one in his own thing. Of course.

Thank you for your comment. @adityajainxds

Certainly many businesses have been affected by the situation, it has not been easy and for tourism less because people no longer even want to travel, prefer to stay at home than go out to enjoy. And it is the most logical thing with all this situation, besides that the safety measures at present do not allow it. Many things have changed and will continue to do so!

Yes, this reality has changed absolutely everything. It's complicated, not only is it that people don't want to enjoy themselves, but there isn't enough money for that, just the basics, generally.

Thanks for your comment @franyeligonzalez

Certainly the planet and its inhabitants will arrive at a point where we must organize ourselves under a new approach and new objectives, something like what is being talked about as a new world order, I just hope that this new world order will not be attached to the interests of the powerful and that the poor of this planet will become poorer and poorer.

Greetings and thanks for sharing this post.

Yes, that's the fear of many, that it will be more changes in favor of the elites. Only time will tell.
Thank you for commenting @carlos84