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RE: What is the inner value of tokens?

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Hello @achim03
Interesting and complete publication, as usual.
It strikes me that you say you can't pay with BTC, or I don't know if I misunderstood. Here in Colombia there are places where they accept BTC as a form of payment, even a dental office, clothes, I have seen several places, that's why it caught my attention that you said that.
In the end I think that the value of a token is determined in good measure by the project that supports or represents it.
Because we know that some projects, in the future, have more possibilities of being maintained in time than others.
And there is a parameter that gives it value.

 2 months ago 

It's good you point that out. This is great news if you can start to pay with btc. The problem I see with btc as a paiment mesure is the cost and duration of a transaction. If you don't add enough miner fees, it can take hours till your transaction passes and I don't see how a shop can wait with you at the cash desk to wait so long :-). Of course there is the lightening protocol that can make things speed up.

Thanks a lot for your comment my friend!


It makes me laugh to imagine having to wait until hours in a store to be able to go out alone when the transaction is verified...

Yes, but in general they are stores where you can wait, or are known in some way, or pay in advance, and then you can enjoy the service or product. Because that is a problem, the duration.
The other thing is that imagining paying for a product that is worth 10 dollars and you have to pay 5 in commission, is a very high cost.

It's a detail, let's hope these things are solved, otherwise, maybe the problem of speed is already solved in other blockchains.

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