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RE: Introducing: Polkadot | The next BIG thing after Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Hey man!
You already know that Project hope does not support Plagiarism.

Can you give me an explanation of this ?:

More than 70% of your text is identical.


Hi @juanmolina,
this is my content, it is just a misunderstanding. I was not sure if post this link or not (to medium), so maybe it was a mistake not to do so.

Sometimes when I want some content to catch more readers I post it to my web and as well to hive and/or to some more sources. About this medium article, we started "Polkadotters" not long ago and as we think Polkadot is a superb project, we felt like sharing this info about this "no 3 of crypto after Bitcoin and Ethereum" to Hive and Project Hope community as well. We might come back to this article a few years later and we will see if it is such a big thing (I think it will be). Like when someone wrote after launching Ethereum a few years ago that it will be a big thing (to maybe put a few dollars into).

Mostly I post my work at the same time to my web and Hive, so it don't grab the attention of cheetahs etc., but this time I did it with a small delay and probably it was not a good idea.

I just added to the end of the article on medium, which you mentioned, a word about sharing the article on as well as proof of ownership of this content. Just check the very end of the article there.


 11 months ago  

Appreciated @blockchainfo.

I was waiting for this response from you publicly (we had already spoken by DM).

This explanation clears any doubts as to the veracity of your post.

I am sorry for the confusion I have generated, but we must be vigilant for any possibility of plagiarism.

Thanks for being so thoughtful and consistent.

I just gave you 50 Claps.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

PS. I really like what you doing with a checkup of possible plagiarism violation, I think it really adds value to Project Hope in the long run!