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Hello, everybody!

It has been quite gratifying the response I have had to the previous publication (My first year as a pixEOS ambassador), in which I celebrated my first year as @pixeos ambassador. However, the vast majority had no idea what pixEOS is, they always tell me that they don't understand it, that they don't know what it's about, what we do, how they can communicate with us, among many other things.I also noticed that my announcement was only announced in the telegram groups, so I never made a formal announcement through any network. So I decided to tell you a little bit about it:


What is pixEOS?

pixEOS is a decentralized application (dApp) that works within the EOS blockchain (I'll talk about this later in another post). It's designed as a video game and art application; it has a Game Centerand an Art Gallery, it also has its own token, PIXEOS.


What is the pixEOS Art Gallery?

This has been the main reason for the creation of the platform, because its name comes from a play on words for the "pix" of the pixels that make up an image. The art gallery was launched a month of many months ago designing to have a good product to show everyone. In it, artists can sell their digital works, these are converted into a NFT (Non-Fungible Token), and offered for sale through the gallery; artists can place prices on EOS or PIXEOS.

Galería de arte.png


What is the Game Center?

A year ago Blockatrix 3000 was released, the first pixEOS game, it's a simple game where we said it looked like Tetris mixed with Candy Crush, I spent hours playing it and it was really fun and interactive. Over the next two months, 7 games were released in total, you could win PIXEOS tokens. There were 500,000 PIXEOS distributed daily and they were given out in different ways: For having more Game Points, For winning more times in a given game and for being the best faction. Currently, the Game Center is disabled thanks to bad actors who made those 500,000 daily tokens before they reached the players' accounts. It's planned to change the way you can play the Game Center in the future and make it clear (as we always did) that it's a place to have fun and not a job to get all the tokens for free.



Who we are?

Although a large part of the Core Team prefers to stay in the shadows, we have a quite visible CEO, who is Mr. Fred Nogueira, a gamer and art collector with very good vibes and always willing to answer questions. And as CMO we have Joe Chiappeta (@joechiappetta), a recognized and awarded cartoonist quite active in the blockchain. There are many more members of the team in which I am included although I am not part of the Core Team, anyway I am an active part and support all the Spanish speaking artists who want to access the gallery.


How can You join?

At the moment we are in the BETA stage, although you can register only those artists who have been with a member of the team will be activated manually. To access and start selling art in our gallery you can contact any of us (including me), it is also important to know that you must have an EOS account, we also teach you how to get one.

If you are not an artist, you can also be an art collector and you only have to access with an EOS wallet to the gallery and buy the artwork you like and at some point, resell it. The other way to win with the gallery is by making a PIXEOS stake. In the future, 1% of the profits of the artworks sold will be distributed to all these PIXEOS holders in a stake.


I hope that this publication has cleared up some of the doubts that exist about the platform. In another publication I will be explaining with more details how to access the gallery and how it works. You can enter and search us through all the platforms by the following links:

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