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Welcome dear members of this prestigious platform, especially for those users who make life in the community of @project.hope. This publication serves as a material for socialization of alternatives that bet on sustainable development from the scientific field.

In this sense, we will be addressing a sophisticated mechanism that has been developed from the laboratories of the University of Cadiz, Spain, where researchers such as Miguel Suffo, has managed to develop an agricultural compound generated through the waste produced from sugar beet, The interesting thing about the project is that the properties of the agro input has similar characteristics to the plastic materials used in food containers and carbonated beverages, which under the principles of sustainability and waste utilization allows in the first instance to give a second use to waste, to measures that decreases the highly polluting plastics generated by the petrochemical industry.

It is necessary to emphasize that sugar beet belongs to the Beta vulgaris genus and sugar is obtained from it on an industrial scale, where the part that is most used are the roots, since it generates higher percentages of sugar.

Fig. 2 Representation of sugar beet. Author: USDA

Chemically, the product is formed by combining linear low density polyethylene with the addition of carbocal, a by-product obtained from the extraction of non-carbohydrate compounds from sugar beet juice.

In the opinion of Miguel Suffo, active researcher on the project:
"This novel material has demonstrated its effectiveness in replacing some synthetic or petroleum-derived plastics that are in high demand and harmful to the environment."

Moreover, this type of research and inventiveness replicated on a large scale, allows a considerable reduction of the ecological footprint of carbon dioxide, since it would limit the burning of large tons of fossil fuels and reduce the release of the gas into our atmosphere, which is responsible for global warming and the greenhouse effect that produce so much damage on our planetary systems.

Fig. 3. Pollution through the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for the environmental problems we are experiencing today. Author: Pexels

In this sense, products generated through agricultural processes are seen as a support that can be implemented in the industry on a global scale since production costs are lower, they have the same efficiency and most importantly, they leave a legacy on an environmental scale, which allows us to think of principles rooted in sustainability.

Although the research is still in the testing phase, the products obtained are genuine and of high quality, so they have nothing to envy to those materials generated at industrial level. So, if you found this information useful, I invite you to leave your contribution in the comments section.


[1] Rojas et al Development of "sugar beet" and "fodder beet" Beta vulgaris sown in northern Peru. Article: Online Access


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Greetings friend @madridbg, this type of research is important to advance in the replacement of synthetic plastics that are doing so much damage to the environment, especially to marine ecosystems. Let's hope that biodegradable products can enter the market with more strength and be able to have a more sustainable system of polymer production.

Greetings @emiliomoron I agree with you, as a man of science we must bet on more environmentally friendly products, and certainly this type of work is a window that opens in this area. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

Good information, thanks for sharing. I hope to see environmental solutions related to the issue in the near future.

Greetings @nachomolina2, thanks in advance for stopping by and leaving your comment, without a doubt the environmental issue should be a priority for any nation and at any level, hence the importance of this type of research.