What are NDEs (Near Death Experiences)?

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Since our ancestors began to bury their dead, all of us have been going through our heads, with more or less intensity, the question of whether or not life exists after death.

Solving this question through science is impossible, at least with the scientific tools we have and we have no one to ask because, to our knowledge, no one has returned from such a peculiar journey.

Some people who have nearly died or who have suffered a clinical death and have survived to tell about it, experience some sensations that have been called "Near Death Experiences"


According to experts, these NDEs are produced when the body suffers a sudden shock, such as an accident, a heart attack, a sudden trauma, a surgical intervention or any other situation that implies an imminent risk of dying.

Although not all people who suffer from it have the same experiences, there are a series of experiences that tend to be recurrent in all cases, such as the feeling of leaving the body or going through a tunnel of light.

Although there are many theories in this regard, it is very difficult to find an objective explanation for this phenomenon because it depends on our culture, our religious tendency and ultimately on our life experience.


Some think that these experiences are the result of endorphins and other neurotransmitters that the brain produces to relieve us in such traumatic situations, Carl Sagan for example to explain the phenomenon of light at the end of the tunnel, he believes that it is a reproduction of the channel of the Birth.

Of course there is no lack of those who explain it by resorting to religious or esoteric experiences, which according to them prove the existence of life after death.

The good news is that most of these near-death experiences are enjoyable, which is still hopeful and if there is no other life at least this one you leave in peace and quiet.

But there is no hurry, lets them await us there for many years.

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I don't know how much has this been studied. It might be an enjoyable experience for most because of the endorphins released by the brain, just like when death occurs?

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I think it must be very difficult to make a scientific studio on this matter but it sounds logic that our brain, before so traumatic experience, uses all its weapons to protect us.

Thanks for comment.

Hello @mauromar

I think that to a large extent the main limitation is that there is no equipment to measure or quantify this type of experience, so it remains purely subjective.

It would be interesting to know what happens after death, but I'm not particularly interested in living it, I don't know about you he he he

I'll send you a whatsapp when I'll be there. ;-D

ja ja ja ja

Whatsapp del más allá, hasta el más acá... interesante esto

This is a very interesting phenomenon. Thanks for sharing with us these good information :) greetings

Thank you @delihavores, it very good to stay motivated. ;-)