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RE: Looks like i am joining the Linux Gang...

in Project HOPE2 years ago

I remember trying to use Linux waaaay long ago... i think the distribution I tried was called 'Red Hat', but I was mostly a kid that wanted to be a hacker, so I didn't go too far.

But I always liked the whole idea of free open-source Linux, and it is amazing to see how much it have evolved.

I even see a lot of computers models being sold with Ubuntu pre-installed instead of Windows, and this make computers even more accessible.


I used Red Hat for a bit about 20 years ago. It has got much easier since then and I think it is probably easier to set up a Linux PC than a Windows one. If you mostly use the web it will do what you need and you can get a lot of games for it now, but I don't play any these days. I like the freedom of Linux, much as I enjoy it on Hive.