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RE: What is the inner value of tokens?

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I was able to see some of your video, but unfortunately Odysee seems to be having issues & cut me off in the middle of it.... 😑

However, I did appreciate where you were talking about the value of tokens & how can you determine what's worth & what's not. Since I am a newbie compared to some (only 2 and a half yrs of crypto experience here), it still can be confusing as to whether it's worth the time to invest or research a certain token. There are so many out there, but a lot of them are crap unfortunately (outside HIVE)...

So I invest in some major ones as well as HIVE, but do my own research with others....that's the best way for me to do it. The De-Fi and wrapped technologies are blowing my mind & still haven't grasped all of it yet, but I know I will learn as I go...:)

As far as on Hive Engine, it would be nice to see it decentralize as they have been mentioning. That would create more stability & I think, personally speaking, it would help me to see which are really worth spending time on. We know there's the few that are, but the others are difficult to say since the token creators can change the rules at anytime. So, it will be interesting to see if H-E does go the decentralization route - it would only make sense!

Holy long book. Sorry about that ha ha. 🤣 Thanks for a great post, my fried. I enjoy them a lot! :) Have an awesome weekend.🧡

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So, it will be interesting to see if H-E does go the decentralization route - it would only make sense!

Thanks a lot for your amazing comment :-). I think it will be a first step to make the platform more decentralised. Another problem I see with H-E tokens is that a lot of people who create tokens don't know much about the economical aspect of the token. They just believe that you can create a token and people will buy it. A lot of tribe tokens are governed by an inflation that nobody can exactly quanitfy. These are some real weaknesses. I think that there should be more documentation and tutorials for future token owners so that they can make something that works aslo in the long term. I wish you a beautiful week-end :-)

I agree with you 100% on that. I would love to eventually create a token someday (way down the road lol) but I want to be educated & make it truly valuable before I get into something like that. It's too easy to create one on H-E & try to fly by the seat of your pants. For me, it needs to provide value, like my content lol. Blessings! 💛

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