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Greetings again my dear readers, we continue in the search of any machine, device or tool created by man with the purpose of achieving the satisfaction of any type of activity linked to our lives, and as we have expressed, all this thanks to the contributions made by the entire scientific world towards the area of technologies and with this we continue to express and demonstrate that technology is nothing more than applied science.

In our tangible journey we have been able to find essential and fabulous machines such as bicycles, cars, helicopters, submarines, airplanes, jet skis, cameras and video cameras, compound microscope, satellites, among many other machines, which undoubtedly manage to facilitate the realization of a certain task in our lives.

On this occasion I wanted to talk about a wonderful device or electronic tool known as radar or speed control gun, this in order to continue to highlight that technological advances reach any aspect of our existence and that this feature is becoming stronger every day among us all.

Perhaps many of you have witnessed the use of this type of speed measurement device and applied either to heavy duty vehicles or light cars in order to control vehicle traffic, other extraordinary applications can be found in the fascinating world of sport as in tennis, in baseball, where, the speed with which the balls are thrown is considerable, either by being hit by the tennis racket or the baseball bat or by the fact of being thrown by the Piker at high speed as they could observe in the gif at the beginning of this article.

The principle used by these devices is the Doppler effect and thus the measurement of the change in frequency of certain electromagnetic waves such as radio waves or infrared, whose waves on impact with the object or body to be measured are reflected and return to the radar or speed control gun, and therefore the frequency of the waves reflected and received is different from the waves emitted, with that difference this device manages to obtain the speed of the object under study, either a vehicle, a tennis ball, soccer or baseball as you can see below in the following image gif.

Gif_Pistola de control de velocidad.gif


With each step we have taken, we have been able to demonstrate that the science-technology nexus is truly intrinsic to each advance made in the area of technological applications, and that these have an increasing influence on all of us, regardless of the area of development in which we find ourselves.

It is fascinating to be able to observe and also measure the speed of a baseball thrown by a Pitcher, to put just one example of many others that we witness daily, the truth is that over time we will be reliable witnesses of each technological advance applied in any of our most everyday activities such as those outlined in this article and the measurement of the speed of a particular object or body present in our environment through a device of human creation with the help of science and technology.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

Note: The images of my authorship, were made using the Power Point application, and the animated gif was made with the Photoscape application.

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Technology has disrupted every corner of our culture, and in essence baseball is something that this type of technology has been able to benefit from and measure the speed of pitching from mound to home plate.

Congratulations for the care and desire that you always put in your publications to show us animated images that are made by yourself, greetings my dear friend @rbalzan79.

Thank you dear friend @carlos84, for your motivating comment. Greetings.

Hello friend, the truth is that I have never seen this device in person but in movies, I find it very useful. Certainly man has great capacities to create and improve any tool.

Thanks dear friend @Franyeligonzalez, in several opportunities I could observe you in the baseball stadiums in Venezuela.