Accepting Yourself First

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You can only pour from a cup that has water and not from an empty cup. You can only give from the reserve of what you already have. Similarly, the acceptance you give to others comes from the acceptance you give to yourself. You may not be perfect (no one is), but you have to learn how to come to terms with what you cannot change about yourself.

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Self acceptance creates the required confidence which will not only make you to accept and work with people but will also make them accept you. Believe me, for people that live in self rejection, it always shows in their attitude and character and people can sense it. This will lead to people rejecting them and they will suffer from more self rejection. The solution to this is to accept yourself first.

Self acceptance is not pride. Pride is simply over-rating and overestimating yourself, while self acceptance is knowing that you have flaws and that you are not perfect and still accepts yourself while you work to get better. A lot of people have been in a situation where, because of their past errors, they are constantly beating themselves over and over.

Well, just to let you know, you cannot edit the past errors you have made. You have to acknowledge this, then move on with your life and act to set things right. Self acceptance starts with forgiving yourself for the errors of the past. If you always blame yourself for what has gone wrong, how do you move on to become better? Blame game never gets anything done right, it only complicates the matter and eventually leads to self rejection.

People's minds are often interconnected with other people's minds. This is why, if you stay with happy people, it will not be long and you will become happy. If you also stay with people that are constantly sad, it will not be long and you pick up that trait because the mind can sense these things. In the same way, the mind can sense self rejection, other people can sense it and they may begin to avoid your company so as not to compromise their attitude.

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Believe me, both self acceptance and self rejection are attitudes. One thing with attitude is; when it becomes dominant, it will form part of the person's character and of course, one's character is the real them. Whatever attitude you choose is entirely your choice but the result of the attitude is not within your choice. So try to keep up with positive attitudes and your whole life will be full of positivity.

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Acknowledging mistaking is important. That is the only way to improvize.

You're right. Acknowledge your mistakes but most importantly, acknowledge the fact that you can live above your mistakes.
Thanks for the comment buddy

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Why is it important to accept myself?
Because when we don't and we compare ourselves, criticize, belittle, insult and / or are unhappy about what we don't have, we constantly increase our suffering.
Denying your emotions, your thoughts or your actions is equivalent to telling yourself that your real personality is not valid and it leads you to create a false image of yourself. Until you accept that facet of yourself that you are banishing from your consciousness you will not be able to change or improve it.
The problem of not accepting yourself and not accepting others as they are is so common that many times we overlook it. The point is that as long as you do not value yourself, you will not be able to value anyone else, and that makes our coexistence with other people difficult since we are in a constant internal struggle that we reflect on the outside world.
Accepting yourself, in short, does not mean continuing in ignorance, poverty, or fat, it means ACCEPTING that the current situation is like this, that it cannot change overnight, and being grateful that you have many things before start chasing new ones.
Not doing it is like hating the current house because there is a new one you want. As much as you can buy it, and fast, you will still have to be in the old house for a while, so what better way than to accept and continue to progress? The same is true of yourself. It is not about resigning yourself and conforming to who you are. But accept that at this moment you are a certain way and commit to change, knowing that improvements take time.

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Hello friend, very good subject I agree, we must accept ourselves as we are and know how to accept that we are not perfect, but we can improve and learn from our mistakes. We all have the right to make mistakes, that's what life is all about.