The Need Of Having A To-Do List

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It is a known fact that when you do not plan adequately for something, you are already giving room for failure. This is why there is a need to put in plans for everything you want to achieve. The truth is; if you do not have any plan, you will not know if you are on the course of making progress, at what rate you are making the progress and what needs to be done. One of the ways of planning is by having a list of items to do and in the order of preferences - I call it a "to-do list".

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You will agree with me that there may be some tasks you may want to do or some errands you would want to run but if you have not explicitly arranged them (maybe in a written format), you may tend to forget some of them. You do not always have to rely on your brain to remind you of what you need to do, have them written down or documented for easier access. Remember this old but popular quote [Paraphrased by me].

The pen and paper are better at preserving information than the brain

Points to note about making a to-do list

Firstly, you have to set them in their priority and attach timeframes to them. That is; arrange them in the order you would want them to be executed and state the time you need to execute them. This will make you to attach a sense of purpose to them.

Secondly, you have to make the to-do list responsibly, so that it will not discourage you. If you set an obviously impossible task in your to-do list, you may not only be discouraged to undertake that task but the other tasks in the to-do list may look like a mission impossible. No doubt, big dreams are good but you have to apply wisdom to it. Know the difference between having a big dream and having an impossible task.

While you are making your to-do list, try to work on yourself to have the required discipline and determination to undertake the tasks. Remember this; your to-do list will not undertake itself, it only serves as a guide to allow you to know the tasks you need to undertake and in what order. So the responsibility is on you to undertake the task.

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Again, you should also give room to accommodate unforseen eventualities. Remember this; you have to try to be flexible at all times. The goals may be constant and the tasks my be fixed but the processes should be dynamic. After all, the idea is to undertake the tasks but the process should be at your discretion. So if a process does not fit into what you have on your to-do list, do not abandon the task, just try a different process.

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having a todo list is very helpful especially in a situation where you have lot of things to do and you keep forgetting. a to do list can help you keep track of things you need to do

Yes, this is why we need to set the to-do list according to the order of priorities so as to know what task to perform first.
Thanks buddy

Working with a better to do list is something like a goldmine. If you want to achieve something greater in life, you have to make sure you have target you are working towards. For sure, you definitely going to see challenges along the line. This will tend to to see you get distracted but if you have your todo list on and you are focus, you will achieve apex.

That's right. When you define the task you want to achieve, you will know how to go about it.
Thanks bro

Hello friend @samminator.

That's totally correct, it's important to have a list of our pending things because this way we can plan better, and also we can make better use of our precious time, and for example, share with our loved ones.

Thank you for your great contributions dear friend, it is always a pleasure to read you. Successes.

Exactly. Having a to-do list will help us to appropriate our time better and then achieve our tasks. Thanks a lot buddy

 5 days ago 

Hi @samminator.

Of course, it is very important to have a list of our pending things, that list should be the first thing we should consult before starting something new in this way we can plan to carry out everything that is on that list.

@tipu curate 3

That's the truth; we should try to observe to do the tasks in the list before having a new one to avoid ambiguity. Thanks a lot buddy

Also the this is the strategy of successful people. Well i have seen many articles on it but you have covered different factors regarding to do list. Thanks for this post. have a good day ahead

Thanks a lot buddy. Yeah, the successful people have this strategy in common

I think the need to have a to-do list is because we don't have enough time for so many activities that we have to do, so this would be a reason to have planning. Greetings my dear friend @samminator and thanks for sharing.

That's right. To-do list will help us to cut the unnecessary time we spend on irrelevant things and make us focused. Thanks buddy

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