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Leofinance is a second layer coin on the Hive blockchain, and a social media blog for writers and video bloogers on the topics of finance and cryptocurrency. When you post in this community you can earn Leo, currently worth 2x as much as Hive and simultaneously earn Hive, which is a great deal. On top of that, if you create you Hive account using the Metamask signup route you have the option of getting your Leo rewards in Ethereum and deposited directly into your Ethereum Metamask Wallet. I think with Ethereum recently at $625.00 per Token and Leo selling fir twice the price of Hive, its worth a few minutes for you to explore this opportunity. I have also added references to posts below that walk you through the sign-up process.

Five ways to Earn Rewards on Leofinance

Leofinance is a social media blog for finance and cryptocurrency topics, but that doesn’t mean you have to produce that type of content to earn Leo/Hive or Ethereum. In fact if you invest in Leo you will find multiple passive investment opportunities along with a Liquidity Provider opportunity with a very impressive APR or Yield rate. I have listed here the five current active or passive ways to earn Leo and Hive in this Community.

First: Author Rewards



You can earn Leofinance token Leo by writing articles and doing video reports on Financial or Cryptocuyrrency topics. The author earns 50% or one half of the reward amount on the post.


It’s also to earn author rewards in Ethereum instead of Leo. The leader of Leofinance @khaleelzaki wrote a post about using Metamask sign up process to earn Ethereum instead of Leo. Link

Second: Curation Rewards



If your not a writer, but reader, then this is a perfect way for you to earn!
You can also earn Leofinance token Leo by curating, which is upvoting articles you read. Upvoters are eligible for upto 50% of the article reward. Note Specifics: Curation rewards here are linear and not time sensitive, so you get a portion of the total reward in direct relation to your stake, but not less then one half of your upvote, but possibly more.


As above in Author Rewards, if you sign up via Metamask and chose the rewards in Ethereum you will also receive curation rewards in Ethereum.

Third: Mining Rewards


You don't have to time to write or read, then buy miners, this is very passive.If you buy and stake either LEOM or LEOMM miners, you can also earn Leofinance token Leo because as an owner of those miners, you are are guaranteed a portion of the daily reward pool, in direct proportion to the number of miners you have and the total miner pool.

Fourth: Delegation Rewards-passive income.

You want to support content creators, but don't have time to manually curate? Find someone else to do it and you and you still get the majority of the curation rewards minus a small percentage for the curator. Find someone who specializes in content curation, who also accepts delegations and pays the curation rewards to delegators in proportion to their delegation. Minus a small percentage paid to actually manual curator of course. Delegation is a special type of smart contract mediated process, where you power up your Hive or Leo as HIvepower or Leopower, then loan the Hivepower or LeoPower. But the Hive or Leo never leaves your wallet, and you can revoke the loan at any time. So it is very secure, as you retain control over your tokens at all times.

Fifth: Liquidity Provision Rewards.


If your a trader or expolorer, try being a Liquidity Provider.
You can also earn Leofinance Leo token rewards by providing liquidity on the decentralized exchange Uniswap to the Wrapped Leo Ethereum trading pair Liquidity Pool. This is a new feature instituted by @khaleelzaki to incentivize investors who invest in the WLEO-ETH Liquidity Pool to stay invested for longer periods of time, because they earn two different ways: one from transaction fees from the trading pair liquidity pool daily, and from the ELo daily reward pool. Its called the GeyserReward system and Khal did a whole post about it.

Liquidity Provider Rewards can be in WLEO or ETH


An additional special feature, which @khaleelzaki added is that you have the option of receiving your Leofinance Rewards in Ethereum, if your entrance to the Leofinance Community was through the Metamask new account signup process. This was an option created by @khaleelzaki the leader of Leofinance, to bring investors and authors from other blockchains into our ecosystem. This is mediated through an innnovative Metamask based account signup system, and uses @cardboards to facilitate the Leo to Ethereum transaction, so it's seamless to the Ethereum investors to receive their Leo Rewards in their Ethereum wallets as Ethereum.

Thats it, five different ways to earn Leofinance Tokens and a way to earn Ethereum!


It is an exciting time to be on the Leofinance Social Media Platform.

I wonder if we will one day be able to receive our Leo Rewards in Bitcoin through the application run by @cardboard ?

I have no doubt that if it is possible, it will be available soon.

This was written by @shortsegments, and references are below and other articles by shortsegments on topics covered in this article should you wish to learn more.


References and supportive material

  1. How to earn Ethereum as your Leofinance Reward Link

  2. Explanation of Wrapped Leo and being a Liquidity Provider Link

  3. How do you explain cryptocurrency and the blockchain Link

  4. Earn 50% APR providing Liquidity to WLEO-ETH trading pair on Uniswap Link

  5. Explaining the Geyser Reward System for Liquidity Providers of the. WLEO-ETH trading pair on Uniswap. Link

Hive Community Leofinance, earn Hive, Leo or Ethereum, actively or passively, learn more here!


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