NFT boosts microinfluencers for massive exposure

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The use of blockchain technology among influencers is emphasized not only in cryptocurrency but also in the artistic momentum generated through NFT.

The development of blockchain technology towards new market barriers seems unstoppable. With gaming as the biggest use case, it is no longer just an enhancement of the typical decentralized or conventional financial system.

Now, through immortality, transparency and immutability, blockchain has enabled artists, musicians and creators to generally join the party of non-alternative tokens (commonly known as NFT) to help democratize revenue and eliminate unfair distribution.

What better way than through popular, social media "influencers" that are emerging from the blockchain technology and crypto ecosystem, those characters have successfully portrayed the behavior of themselves and strangers in this disruptive technology. But how much does it cost?


Recently, as these artists publicly embraced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, their influence on the vast network of users inside and outside the ecosystem has not diminished.

Instead, they can use this trend to maximize profits and increase visibility, just like Paris Hilton and her recent entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.

But unlike those high-end influencers, those "discrete" companies with less than 100,000 followers and defined as "micro-influencers" can hardly earn less than 60% of their merchandising sales. Profit, not to mention usually make money. Sponsored posts worth several hundred dollars.

In addition, micro-influencers face another problem. Marketers can choose sponsored posts from spam. This is trivial. Microinfluencers must make one-time transactions, and these transactions rarely generate sustainable revenue.

Blockchain for the Mainstream

But unlike influencers, those with less than 100,000 followers must resort to using blockchain partner organizations to maximize their earnings and expose themselves to more followers who value the work they promote.

This is how we saw it on social networks like Twitter, it's a lot of NFTs from external micro-influencers who, in addition to grabbing the attention of the public, are also trying to grab share of this emerging market.

While some individuals have achieved great success through partnerships and establishing NFTs, the lack of a platform for this segment of the market is not taking advantage of this highly profitable human capital, this seems to be a problem that is about to end.

A good example of this use case was recently demonstrated in the ecosystem. Showcase is a social platform that uses NFT Badges as the core of its proposition for interaction between microinfluencers and fans. protection of blockchain technology.

Showcase uses Polygon's blockchain technology to expand transactions and is able to implement non fungible tokens (NFT) at low cost with the ERC-1155 standard. It is expected to become one of the solutions available in the blockchain market and this new economy. DeFi around NFT provides an additional source of revenue for creative microinfluencers.


The use cases proposed by Showcase can open the door to other similar options.These options can still tap into this market segment without being infiltrated by blockchain technology enthusiasts, but with great human capital and a network of advocates that can interact with NFT flourishes to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the combination of these sectors.

Another similar example is Raiinmaker, a Los Angeles-based influencer marketing platform from Colin LLC that works with Blockchain to incentivize fans to share activities and receive rewards for recognition.

Raiinmaker uses the DragonChain blockchain to protect their back-end data transactions using local DGRN tokens. Currently, they have launched the Beta phase, which is an attempt to make Raininmaker one of the first influencer marketing apps created on Blockchain.

The success of platforms like Showcase or Raiinmaker will depend on investment also reaching micro-influencers, and centralized platforms like Patreon or Collide already are for those who have to resort to crowdfunding to reduce their own population. past. Dependence on revenue from brand partnerships.


Everything is moving forward and NFT will not be the only thing that will appear in the blockchain, there will be other proposals and forks that will be added as crypto and its derivatives become more widespread and take their future level. Very good explanation of the subject, well conducted so that neophytes can get hooked on it. @tipu curate 2