PH 🀯 + Curation APR 🀩 = Account Value πŸš€

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My curation APR though...

My curation reward was pretty much 0 HP for the last year and a half. Curation APR was also 0% to few % at best.

Today, I finally broke 20% APR πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

and it was just 2 weeks ago that I joined the PH curation trail here.

If you don't know what this means ☝️, this is what's up.
Go to HiveVote and login with your Hive account.
Click "CURATION TRAIL" and search "josevas217"

And then just "FOLLOW" this curation trail.

That is all.
@josevas217 is doing a great job curating posts so I don't do much.
Occasionally, I curate manually here and there but that is about it.
I just wait and see what happens.

My account value went up over $2000 too.
I am not 100% sure if it is because of curation trail or HIVE is going up?
But I really like what is going last few weeks and hopefully other people will follow josevas217's curation and grow your APR!


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Hi @tomoyan
Thank you very much for the mention, that good, there we go growing.
The account has gone up in value but because Hive is going up in price.
Now, the APR if it is thanks to the trail, we are trying to improve little by little.
Maybe soon I can even get to be above 22 your APR, I'm working on it.

Oh wow!!! That is great! Hopefully more people join your trail and grow APR bigger :)

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checks APR and sees 11.9%

I'll bite.

Haha 11% is nice πŸ‘ mine was 0 πŸ˜‚ easier to grow

Congratulation for reaching 20% APR. It seems that you are enjoying curation earning in ph. Josev doing a great job and he is the most active person in ph. I am really glad to see that you have taken good decision by following josev's curation trail.

are you in the trail too? it is working for me ;p

i am curating content manually ☻