Time to panic-sell or buy-back? Watch Mr. Bean and relax!

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Oh, what a beautiful morning... until you open your portfolio application only to discover that the value has decreased by somewhere between 10%-30% since you went to bed last night (or something like that). And that might be a shock that will get you out of bed quickly. If you are new to crypto, this might feel extremely scary and ruin your mood, but if you have been around for some months and years, you probably feel like Mr. Bean on a rollercoaster. If you don't get what I mean, check the 1-minute clip above. Not only is it fantastic, but it also describes the feelings of an experienced cryptocurrency trader right now.

What a clip... totally love it. If you had a bad mood until reading this, I hope the clip above will cheer you up. While everyone else might be screaming, you just sit around and enjoy the ride. Maybe you even feel a bit annoyed by everyone else screaming around you?! :)

Time to panic-sell or to buy-back?

Now is the time when you have to think. Is this the time to panic-sell whatever you have left of crypto, or is this the time to start using funds you have sold earlier to buy-back and get even more? Or is this the time to just be quiet, relax, and see what will happen? After all, there are a couple of scenarios possible at this moment.

  1. Prices may quickly return to the previous level, meaning they will increase.
  2. We might spend some time at this new level, before eventually going up/down.
  3. It might fall further.

Not much wisdom here, right? Some people say that this is because of Joe Biden's announcement related to tax issues in the USA. Who knows?

mr bean.jpg

I just saw a Cointelegraph article in which the topic said that people rush to buy altcoins as Bitcoin dips towards 50k. Well, Bitcoin is currently trading at $49,350... who knows?

Once again, there isn't much wisdom in this, but panic-selling isn't normally a smart thing to do. And even if the prices should fall further down, it will normally happen in curves, meaning that I expect some sort of jump-back now, and then... who knows?

Keep calm, watch Mr. Bean, and have a blessed day everyone!

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This is an original article written by me for Project Hope!


Very good article, dear friend, to see Mr. Bean very calm, transmits me a lot of tranquility, in fact that is the attitude that should be taken when this type of bearish events occur, since panic will make you sell in bearish periods and that really could be reflected as losses.

See you later, have a great weekend.

We in the 40k range I’m amazed in buying like a mad man I don’t know how long this discount is going to last

I feel just like you... bought some, now I just wait and see if it will fall even more, or bump back quickly!

I am old to SteemIt/HIVE. I am used to long sustained price drops.

I will attest that I have yet to lose any HIVE during a price drop ... of course, I have yet to sell any HIVE. When I am actually executing trades on the open market, I will probably fee differently.

Well, the question is if this will be a long sustained price drop, or just a little dump on the way to the top?! :)

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Biden will give more details on his plan on next Wednesday. I guess market will wait for this event. April will close in red for Bitcoin, which is actually good and healthy for the market.

Lol i'm a bit relax though, my trading position go liquidated who knows where the market is heading to 😅

I am new to crypto and I have seen my portfolio drop in price since the dip. However, I've done my research and see that I'm only going to run at a loss when I panic-sell.
I'm also thinking of buying more😂😂 but for now I think I'll just sit back and relax.

Yeah, I guess you are one of many who feel tempted to buy more during the dip. Let us just hope it is a dip, and not the start of a bigger bear-market!

Yeah, I hope so too

Truly that Me Bean video is great. I love that character. I was surprised to wake up and see my wallet with such a decrease in values, but that's just the way it is, and at those low prices I don't plan to sell. I will simply wait. Quietly.