Your $3 post from some months ago is worth just as much as your $9 post right now!

It is quite interesting to see that people start to write and publish much more here during a bull market. The numbers we all see are higher, and it feels way more inspiring to write an article and see a payout at $9 compared to seeing it at $3.

But, those of us who have been working and publishing on the platform with a perspective for a while, also know that an article published a few months ago which had a $3 payout, is worth just as much as a $9 article right now. What do I mean?

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An example

Let us say that I published an article in December which was valued at $3 in total. I had 100% power-up and received 8 Hive/Steem tokens. That was quite okay back then.

Then I publish a similar article today and receive a $9 payout. But, if I look at the number of tokens I receive, I might realize that I am still stuck with 8-9 tokens. What is the difference? The price of the token... not the number of tokens!

This is important to understand because it will inspire you to publish, not only during bull markets, but also during a bear market. The tokens we all earned last year when the price of Steem and Hive tokens were between $0,1 and €0,15 - they are now worth 3-4 times more. And yes, if we hold onto them, it will be like we just received a major payment increase, simply because we worked diligently last year.

In other words, keep the perspective, and if you sometimes feel bad because of a lower payout, keep in mind that your payout will increase when the price of the token increase. In other words, you can see a way higher payout with your inner eye than what you see currently (or have seen earlier) on the platform!

Keep it up guys and girls!!

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This is an original article written by me for Project Hope!


It is an aspect that shows the psychology of the human being, we only believe that a greater number means greater profit and creates that effect in our minds, but in reality we are gaining the same financially.

If we see it from another point of view, skills and we are perfecting ourselves, which is very good because by having better skills we will surely have a better income.

So true... easy psychology, and I feel exactly the same myself! Feels more rewarding writing now, even though I actually earned the same amount of Hive and Steem before the pump, but the $$$$ just turned bigger. I guess I wrote the article to help myself as well! :)

The difference between before and now is that the author, being better rewarded, feels stimulated to create more, because he considers that his work is better rewarded. I have always told everyone not to look at the final reward but to look at the number of votes and readers they have, because, although it deprives the relative of the Trail, this gives a better picture of the acceptance of what has been published.

That is really so... but also, it feels so much nicer to see a $9 reward than a $3... it is as easy as that. But, it is so important to be faithful in the small, and we will be rewarded once for being that!

It feels even more inspiring to work when we are experiencing a bull market, but it is a call to work even during the bear market and hold on to some tokens, cheers to a beautiful week.

So true, feels more inspiring during the bull market, but it is just as rewarding to publish in a bear market :)

Yeah price of HIVE did pick up recently!!, now its falling again, sell off I guess.

It is just following the market, so don't think Hive is performing worse than other coins. But, hope it will get back up there quickly!

Hello @unbiasedwriter
As simple as so, everyone who has been able to keep some of those previously earned tokens will be able to enjoy even more in bullish periods. The reality is that those who end up reaping more profits are those who are steady even in bearish periods. Only not everyone sees it that way. It seems to be that everyone wants is just the immediate profit.

Yeah, it is rewarding to remain faithful in times with low token prices, but I know - it doesn't feel as rewarding as it does now..

This shows the value of Rule #1 for the blockchain. Show up everyday.

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I haven't even heard that rule, but it sure sounds like a good one! :)

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I feel people don't pay attention to this.
It is about the number of tokens you have not the amount of USD (or your local currency).

Thanks for brining this up.

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I guess I was reminding myself of this as well, not only the readers! So easy to be discouraged on read days and in bear market, but that is when the foundation is laid for success during a bull market!

Hi friend, I agree, but I think some people don't understand that. It's all the same, even if it looks different nowadays. It is important to keep giving the platform the importance it deserves, that will also guarantee good income in the future. Greetings!!!