Btc About To Set A New ATH: Pro Traders Are Getting Nervous

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For some months now, we all have been witnessing some new changes in bitcoin price as it keep soaring higher and higher which is currently around $18,686.13 as at when I am writing this post. With this kind of movement, bitcoin is likely to set a new all time high which might beat the last one which occur in 2017 which should be a good news to us all but also we are in the crypto world anything can happen. This is currently putting most pro traders in a nervous condition because most are really not yet prepared for what might happen next.


We all witness what happened after bitcoin reach the ATH at $20,000, which back then was a critical level for new investors, I even know some people who FOMO back then and got burnt because Bitcoin failed to pass the $20,000 mark and really fell drastically leaving those who brought because they don’t want to missed out badly hurt. If you really noticed, bitcoin rarely drop more than 5% since September 4 if you watch it closed but has made up to 85% gain in the past 84 days and even on my chart, bitcoin rsi is in overbrought but we all have this believe, if possible it break and set up a new All time high, it is possible for it to maintain it for some time. But if it didnt break the resistance, bitcoin should drop.

With this unusual trend, traders are getting nervous and some are getting ready to short the market even if it for a while as bitcoin started rocking back and front. Bitcoin is touching $19k usd soon, hope you have some stored in your wallet and are you enjoying the ride. What is your view on the new ATH that might be set soon, will bitcoin pass and maintain it or it might be the other way round


Hodl hodl hodl. ;)

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I cant miss out from this btc rally

you be boss na